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Solve a Quantum Conundrum today on PSN

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Гость playstation

Hello out there! Oh man, this is it! The time has finally come for Quantum Conundrum to be released on this, the most superb of days. The team and I are extremely excited for the game’s launch and we worked rather hard to bring our handiwork to the PSN catalog.

In case you have no idea what I’m excitedly prattling about, here’s the low down. So, Quantum Conundrum is an environmental puzzle game where you have the ability to change dimensions on the fly between alternate universes existing in the same space. Gotta move the couch so you can vacuum under it? Just switch to Fluffy Dimension and that heavy couch will become an oh-so-cute pink ultra-cushy version of itself. In addition to being adorable, that couch and the whole world around you, in fact, will become ten times lighter. So you can easily pick up that couch and finish your chores with skill and alacrity—and then take a nap. Everything just looks so comfortable…


Room in Normal Dimension


The same room in FLUFFY DIMENSION!! FLUFFY!!!

In Quantum Conundrum, you play as a kid dropped on his Uncle’s doorstep by his parents for the weekend. As it so happens, your Uncle is actually a brilliant scientist and inventor, Professor Fitz Quadwrangle. During the course of the game you’ll gain access to his latest invention called the Inter-Dimensional Shift Device which will allow you to shift to four different dimensions—Fluffy, Heavy, Slow-Motion and Reverse Gravity.

When you first enter the Manor, something with one of Professor Quadwrangle’s experiments goes horribly wrong and he goes missing. And to top it off, the whole house goes on emergency lock down. Now it’s up to you to be the adult in the situation and find out what happened and restore power to the Manor. Easy as pie (mmm pie), except, I’ve neglected to mention that Professor Quadwrangle’s manor has been retrofitted to be a giant laboratory to test his various experiments, which translates to one puzzling challenge after another.

So, why should you get Quantum Conundrum? Besides the fact that, it is a most excellent game, you will also support the creation of wonderful abominations of nature such as this one:


Inter-Dimensional Kinetic Entity

Oh and one last thing. Don’t forget to ‘Do A Thing.’


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