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Weekend Debate: Your Favourite Level One

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Greetings all!

Seeing as this is my first proper post here on the PlayStation Blog I figured a fitting topic for today’s weekend debate would be ‘beginnings’.

Humour me here – laboured metaphor incoming: if my first week at Sony was to be considered a game’s ‘level one’, I’d say it stacks up impressively.

The tutorial section was pleasingly brief and I was quickly thrust straight in at the deep end – à la, say, Dark Souls. The NPCs I’ve met have all had plenty to say for themselves and seem like a lively bunch. The opening set pieces were suitably fiery and successfully quickened the pulse, while my boss character is certainly no push-over.

The only concern I have so far is that I’ll need a few special items to progress to level two. Yes, IT, if you’re reading this I’m referring to that shiny new laptop and Blackberry I was promised. Chip chop!

Anyway, to get to the point, this week’s discussion is:

Which is your favourite opening level to a game?

I’ll kick things off by nominating the furious opening sequence to Resident Evil 4 that sees poor old Leon S Kennedy ambushed by wave after wave of brain-washed, pitchfork-wielding maniacs. Terrifying stuff.

Or how about Limbo, where you bump into that blood-curdling arachnid for the first time?

Your suggestions below please.

Now, you’ll have to accept my very humblest apologies, but I haven’t got a prize for you this week. I’ve been dashing around like a madman trying to learn the ropes and haven’t had a second to secure one. Yes, I know, not a great start to my blog tenure, but normal service will resume next week, promise.

Enjoy your weekend!


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