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Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time Competition: FINAL Winners Announced!

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Hi Everyone,

You might remember that a couple of weeks ago we announced the local winners of our competition.

The contest asked you all to contribute to Sly’s latest heist by designing one of the treasures he might find during his missions through time.

Now it’s time to announce the final winners – eight lucky Sly fans will get the chance to see their creations become real in-game treasures!

Without further ado, here are the eight winning drawings with descriptions:

SKELLY7 – Ireland
“An ancient Egyptian vase passed through the generations depicting the first in the Cooper Clan line and creator of the Cooper Vault, Slytunkhamen II.”


Handofthesly (Nice PSN ID! Изображение ) – New Zealand
“The Brass Spyglass: A small, one-of-a-kind, hand-held telescope created by renowned physicist and astronomer, Gervasio Valilei. It has provided many generations with the ability to see far distances in great detail due to its special refracting lenses; it could quite possibly be the precursor to the beloved Binocucom.”


P7I3R7A3T7 – Russia
“A Magic compass! The one and only artefact to show the direct way to any exit.”


Ratchet5928 – Australia
“The Enlightened Turtle Statue: this priceless jade and gold statue depicts an ancient turtle meditating on the mysteries of the universe. It is thought the owner of this artefact may also be blessed with terrapin wisdom.”


Sagazoolo – Switzerland
“The ‘Ancient Kebab Slicer’ was a sophisticated kebab-slicing tool owned by the Ottoman Sultan.”


Abinsur66 – Germany
“According to legend, this mythical artefact was once a wedding gift from a sculptor to the Princess of Shan-Ti-Poor on the occasion of her marriage to the prince of a neighbouring kingdom.”


Corewyrn – Spain
“This drawing is based on the relic known as the Antikythera machine, an ancient mechanism showing the time, position of the stars and even eclipses. Its origin is a mystery; some think it might be part of the remains of the lost Atlantis.”


Monikynsi – Finland
“Sly eagerly wants to have this work of art in his collection, especially because it so closely resembles his friend, a certain policewoman we all know…”


So what do you think of the designs? Were you among the winners? Are you looking forward to stealing your own treasure?

Thank you to all Sly fans and stay tuned… Gamescom is coming!


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