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PlayStation Home: gamescom 2012

Guest PlayStation®

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Guest PlayStation®

PlayStation Home will briefly be offline from 8.00am. on Wednesday 15th August for routine maintenance. Here’s what to expect after the update…


Keep your eyes peeled for gamescom 2012 in Home! The Sony press conference will be streamed live into the Home Cinema at 6pm Tuesday 14th August UK time. But don’t worry if you miss it the first time round because on Wednesday August 15th the gamescom space will be available to download, and will be looping the press conference together with trailers of this year’s announced game titles! There is also a fantastic minigame that includes all your favourite classic gaming characters. If you win, you get an awesome gamescom branded reward!

To celebrate the launch of Conor Maynard’s new album on Music Unlimited, we are bringing you a collection of rewards for both him and her available from Home Square!


Sodium’s VICKIE has evolved from a simple user interface to a firm fan favourite and now it’s time for her to take that next step. VICKIE is breaking her programming and escaping the Sodium Hub and she needs your help to explore the rest of PlayStation Home. She has created thousands of replica units you can wear and using her multi-link neural net, she can experience all the sights, sounds and fun PlayStation Home has to offer while her central processor remains safely running the show at the Sodium Hub. You’ve got to love modern technology!


Leaving the Sodium Hub, even in a virtual sense, is going to be quite nerve-wracking for VICKIE. The Sodium Hub is all she’s known for a very long time now. So, to add a little moral support, Sodium’s scientists have created a couple of plucky little robot companions to keep her company. Sijed the Cobra looks fierce enough to keep Vickie safe and Bijel the Jerboa is so bouncy and friendly, he’s sure to keep her spirits up as she battles to comprehend a new data stream.

Send your friends some extra special items from the Gift Machine this week – Bertie the Penguin Butler and the Party Cannon.

The spirit of Ibiza continues to go wild in the Pacha event space this week, be sure to check back regularly to catch exclusive VJ mixes and the next instalment of a week in the life of Pacha in Ibiza!


Cute, feminine clothing from Granzella has arrived! The High-neck Sweater has a cute and simple design that matches anything. The Checkered Miniskirt is a staple item that maximizes feminine appeal. The High-neck Sweater & Checkered Miniskirt Set is available in combinations. Perfect for those who are looking for a cute outfit!

We’re also pleased to announce that Granzella has now opened its very own store in the Shopping Centre (West).


The Casino Management have some news this week:



A wild new game has appeared! Video Poker has made its way to The Casino. If you love poker, but you just like to play with yourself, then this game is for you. You get five cards and one draw to make your best hand. Video Poker also comes with its own set of rewards, so go on and win those and maybe get yourself to Tier 3 in all of the games and receive The King outfit.

- The Management


Give your BluePrint:Home apartment a dark makeover this week with the eery Asylum Pack.

Lastly this week, PlayStation Home publisher Heavy Water brings you a new experience in the realm of private apartments with the expansive Avalon Keep Personal Apartment. You read the blog post last week and watched the video, so will you become a Lord or Lady of Avalon? For those who purchase within the first 30 days of release will receive two Exclusive rewards: Royal Crystal Crowns, for male and female. These crowns are made from the rarest Avalonian Crystals and pulse with their own inner light. These crowns will only be available to those who purchase the space in the first 30 days and complete the necessary scavenger hunt, so don’t hesitate to become the first of many to reign over their own castle in the sky!

Don’t forget about all the other features the space offers: Gift Machine, owner only furniture rewards, interactive NPCs, banner/theme changes, dynamic day/night cycle and the Dragonfly Automaton.

Remember, this is only the beginning of our journey into Avalon…

Look for this space in Estates in the PlayStation Home Shopping Centre (East)! Check out the new Dev Blog to get even more information and insight to the space: http://www.blog.heavyh2o.net/ and you can always follow on Twitter: @heavyh2o.

That’s all for now. See you in PlayStation Home!


Читать дальше
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