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Cover Your PS Vita in Persona 4 Golden (But Only If You Pre-Order)

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Гость PlayStation®

Attention, nation of PlayStation(.Blog)!

Look, I’ll concede that the title of this post is open for misinterpretation. What YOU do with your PS Vita in the comfort of your own home is obviously none of our business.

The kind of loving Persona 4 Golden can offer your PS Vita, however—apart from it being one of the best RPGs ever made, delivering 100+ hours of addictive goodness, et cetera—might be something you’ll want to share with the world…


We’re incredibly excited—nay, elated—NO WAIT, WE’RE EXCITALATED—to reveal the Persona 4 Golden Vita Skin, a special FREE gift for fans who pre-order P4G at a participating retailer while very limited supplies last.


“The skin adorns your Vita with the stylish, vibrant aesthetics of Persona 4 while protecting it from small scratches and dust. It is easy to apply and won’t leave any residue when removed. Also included are 8 exclusive matching wallpapers, each featuring a main character from P4G and all designed to perfectly coordinate with the protective skin. Manufactured in Japan by Dezaegg, this Vita skin is the same one made available to Japanese fans, down to the use of the original title for the game, Persona 4: The Golden. The P4G Vita Skin will not be made available for individual sale in North America.”



That’s right, friends in the PlayStation Nation: ATLUS is going to make your PS Vita sexy and we’re going to do it at no added cost, provided you do what pretty much everyone else is doing—certainly all the cool kids—and reserve your copy of P4G today. (We stress the today due to the limited quantity.) What’s that, people who live on the same street/floor as whoever is reading this sentence? YOU’RE PRE-ORDERING, TOO? Your currently-reading-this friend/acquaintance is going to be sooooo jelly come the holidays.

Oh, and in case you were wondering just how improved Persona 4 Golden’s visuals are (the game is bigger and better in every other way as well, mind you), we have a couple comparison screens we’re showing here on the blog for the first time!



Persona 4 Golden releases this holiday season, exclusively for PS Vita. Which is, without coincidence, also when your PS Vitas become (even more) the envy of everyone you know (provided you pre-order soon). For more info about P4G, visit www.atlus.com/p4g.


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