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PlayStation Home update: Oh Snap!

Guest PlayStation®

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Guest PlayStation®

PlayStation Home will briefly be offline from 8.00am GMT on Wednesday 14th November for routine maintenance. Here’s what to expect after the update…

Uproar Collection 1: Oh Snap!


The first Uproar collection storms into PlayStation Home this week! Oh Snap! Look forward to:

  • Level cap increase to 35
  • New rewards
  • 4 new weapons
  • Punk clothing for the Swyfts and the Outlaws
  • 3 new Taunts
  • Double Jump Serum
  • And more! Visit www.LockwoodPublishing.com for full details

Iron Fusion Panthabots


With help from their growing family of Mechs, Iron Fusion’s scientists studied the esoteric design of the Samurai and Geisha Bots and created the next generation of transforming robots. Unlike their predecessors the Mechjets, the Panthabots are able to alter their form at will.

Introductory offer bundles are available for two weeks with a 33% discount!

Time for Turkey!


As our American friends are getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner, why not give them a gift to help them accessorise? Available now from the Lockwood Gift Machine – a Turkey Headdress! If you think they would prefer eating turkey to wearing it, you can pick them up a delicious plated roast turkey instead, Lockwood caters for all tastes…

Pancho & Squid from Space


nDreams bring you two new companions this week and there is a little something different about how these were made. These are the first creation from their most recent intern Dan, and is his first items that will be released. It’s going to be interesting to see what he comes up with next! Good job Dan!

BoxBeats: Rock

First there was dance, now there is rock. BoxBeats: Rock is here with 12 fantastic rock tracks from independent artists. With a new style of speakers which will look great in your apartment, it’s perfect for those looking to invite guests and get dancing (maybe with the Street Moves Dance Packs!).

Home Tycoon


Expand your dream city with the new Garden District and Sustainable Apartments this week in Home Tycoon from Hellfire Games! These new commercial and residential buildings from TransUtopia are now available in Home Tycoon’s Planner Mode under the TransUtopia categories.



Boost your avatar’s speed up to 150% with six new SpeedWings locomotion items from Hellfire Games. Blaze through PlayStation Home with the Macabre Skeletal, Brilliant Lightning, Dark Raven, Enchanted Fairy, Sky Monarch, and Stellar Phoenix Wings. Each set features upgraded flying and floating animations and you can wear them with any outfit!

Granzella Swimsuits and Yukatas

The Japanese School Swimsuit has arrived! The set includes eight school swimsuits, the pigtails hairstyle, and over the knee socks for a total of a 10 item set.

Spend a late autumn evening in a yukata. The new Frog-in-Willow Yukata has arrived!
Against a vivid blue, this pattern features willows and frogs. From this pattern, one can imagine swaying willows and a frog leaping into a pond. Why not spend a relaxing autumn evening in a yukata?



Konami updates their popular Raver line which will make you the focus of any party! Update your wardrobe with new shirts, trousers, shoes and hats! Don’t forget to try out the glowing halos, horns, claws and wings as well!


LOOT Space Apartment: Open House

Welcome to the Open House of the future. Check out the public showing of your own private apartment orbiting earth. Stay informed with Twitter feeds and enjoy Entertainment On Demand on eight large EOD screens. Try it now for free – The Space Apartment, from LOOT!

Dragon Knights! Dark Knights! Dragon Royalty!

Heavy Water is updating their Avalon clothing once again with the new Dark Knights, the organic Dragon Knights, and the Dragon King and Queen separates. So add to your Avalon collection and get ready for the first Avalon public space to debut by the end of the year!

That’s all for now. See you in PlayStation Home!


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