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PSN Community Spotlight – PlayStation’s Creation of the Six Guy Clan

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It’s almost time for turkey, folks! In the meantime you can enjoy the PSN Community Spotlight. For the unfamiliar, this is where PlayStation gamers tell their unique stories/experiences/thoughts, as submitted to this section in the PlayStation Community Forums. Those that make it all the way to the PlayStation Blog will receive a $50 PlayStation Store voucher.


Last week we asked for your PlayStation stories, and gamer bgrutt wrote in to tell us about how he met his Call of Duty clan.

PlayStation’s Creation of the Six Guy Clan

As a child, I was your average boy. In 2000, I received a PSone combo pack for my birthday and my favorite game then and now was James Bond. My brother and I found a special connection with each other through that game. Although he is 4 years older than I am, nothing was better than kicking his butt on James Bond. It gave me that a feeling that I was better than him at something. Within the next couple of years my brother and I pitched in on a PS2. Our idea of gaming completely changed. We were now into Guitar Hero and Rock Band more than ever. Other kids our age would be outside riding their bikes and playing basketball, while we sat inside playing in what we thought would be the best band of all time. We went on to compete at the local coffee shop and at school in Guitar Hero competitions and were known as the cities “rock heroes.”

After years and years of playing, my brother started acting as if I no longer existed. I would play for countless hours by myself and try to make him jealous of how good I was, but nothing worked. I decided to start branching out at school to see if anyone else had a passion for gaming. Then, I met my very best friend, Connors. I found out from his older brother (who was friends with my older brother) that he loved playing videos games. The first words I said to him were, “Hey, so I hear you like video games, what kind are you into?” He quickly responded with shooters. The first day I spent with him, he decided to show off his PS3 and a couple of his games such as Warhawk, Call of Duty, and Battlefield. He was a BEAST! I couldn’t believe how many kills and how few deaths he would get each match. He was a born FPS kind-of-guy. He played strategically and he played to win. I picked up my phone immediately and called my mom to tell her what I wanted for Christmas that year.

Oh boy, was I happy that year. I got my very own PS3 and a copy of Warhawk. I put the game in and played all though Christmas break, but I was horrible! We’re talking like a 0.2 kill/death ratio and mostly losses. But that wasn’t going to stop me. Connors and I would play for hours at a time until one day came where I could finally beat him! It felt so good to be on his level! At that moment we decided to branch out for more friends who liked playing shooters. We were able to come up with a group of six guys who loved playing Call of Duty. We all went out and purchased Modern Warfare 2 and started our very first clan. We were a clan to beat. Each of us with our own style of playing created a unique yet powerful team. We would spend our weekends playing MW2 non-stop. Blood would be shed and we would add victories upon victories. At some point, we were all fed up with using headsets and decided to start getting together for all of our COD nights. One of the guys has a huge man cave where we were able to hook up with a total of 3 projectors and 3 50 inch TVs and all play together. We were living the life. You know that search and destroy match where you wished you could have helped out your team, but your mic was muted when you died? This would be no more! A simple turn of the head to your friend’s TV and the victory would be yours! For the past 3 years this is how we have had our COD nights. We transitioned from MW2 to Black Ops, and we’re now currently beasting it up on Modern Warfare 3.

A couple of my friends are currently in the United States Military, and for the past couple of months, they’ve been stationed overseas. But thanks to PSN that didn’t stop us. Those of us in Ohio would stay up late to play with them during their lunch hours. COD and PSN helped keep our friendship strong. One of the guys is now home from his deployment in Afghanistan while the other has all of November for leave. So you can probably already guess that we will all be together at the midnight release of Black Ops 2. November will consist of countless hours and even days on PSN doing what we love best — showing the COD community how to play right. All six of us are die-hard Play Station gamers for life. Want to play with us sometime? The clan tag is bgrutt, and I’m on, well, almost all the time. Thanks for everything Sony, I can say I do believe!

Thanks for writing in bgrutt! Next week we want to hear more general stories about the PlayStation brand. Click here to submit your story.


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