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Jetpack Joyride Flies to PSP, PS Vita, PS3 Today

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Hi there! Alexey Menshikov of Beatshapers and I are happy that one of the biggest names in mobile gaming – Jetpack Joyride — is coming to PSN in North America this week for $3.99. With over 35 million downloads around the world so far, millions more can now suit up as Barry Steakfries and join in the high-flying phenomenon.

Down on his luck as a struggling gramophone salesman, Barry comes across the “secret” laboratory of Legitimate Research, a corporation dedicated to developing crazy new technologies. Seizing the chance to become a hero, Barry begins his ride after commandeering a jetpack and making good his escape. That’s where you’ll jump in and guide his adventure with accessible one-button gameplay.

Along the way, you must avoid lasers, missiles and electro zappers, all the while grabbing coins and trying out even more ridiculous vehicles – Lil’ Stomper, Profit Bird and the robot dragon himself, Mr. Cuddles!

The game features a robust Stash system, where everyone can upgrade their gear, change the suite, buy some gadgets and utilities or track their progress of unlocking 34 in-game achievements. You’ll grab one of 12 jetpacks, including the classic Machine Gun Jetpack or the colorful Rainbow, suit up in a vast wardrobe of 12+ unique costumes and make sure Barry’s best friend Flash comes along for the ride!

You can purchase Gadgets from Stash with coins you’ll collect as you play, and this Minis version features 16 various Gadgets organized into a tier system, with a particular number of purchases required to unlock the next level. You able equip only two of them for any run but proper gadgets pairing gives an extra reward, depends on its functional: from precious extra meters to slide (Freeze-o-matic), bounce (Insta-Ball) to super maneuverability (Gravity Belt and Air Barry), from Coin Magnet which attracts coins to Free Ride, a free Vehicle ride at the next your escape.

This new Minis version comes with a free unlocked Sansei look and Traditional Jetpack, with free activated Head Start and Quick Revive and Final Blast utilities available for single use with every new save data created.

The teams at Halfbrick and Beatshapers hope you enjoy it!


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