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PlayStation Mobile: Bullion Blitz

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Hi, PlayStation Blog readers! Today we’d like to announce the first fruits of our collaboration with Sony XDev – Puzziball and Bullion Blitz. We’re really proud of them both and hope you guys will give them a go, and with any luck enjoy playing them!

The first of the two is Bullion Blitz, available to download today. This was a game born out of the idea that we wanted to take the simplest interaction possible – tapping the screen – and make something compelling out of it. “Digital bubble wrap”, in effect – but with enough depth behind it to make it fun to play with for hours rather than minutes.

One of the big advantages of PlayStation Mobile was that it allowed us to try ideas quickly and really focus on finding a way to deliver that fun feeling that we wanted. After several attempts we found something that both felt nice and which we could build a deeper game experience with – and that we felt could live up to the high quality we associate with the PlayStation platform.


What we came up with was a bank vault filled with “ingots” that “pop” into a shower of coins when you touch them. Adding to that a mechanism for ingots to combine when they land next to each other, thereby increasing their size and value, we reached something that we felt was fun and rewarding to play.

You can download Bullion Blitz and play the Score Attack mode – where the objective is to make the best use of an infinite supply of ingots to meet ever-increasing cash targets – completely free of charge!

If you enjoy that, then we hope you’ll consider purchasing one (or both!) of the two extra content packs that provide access to Quest Mode and Puzzle Mode, priced at £0.79/€0.99 each.


The former is an exciting trip through the world’s vaults trying to fulfil varied objectives such as “make a ring of solid diamond” or “empty the vault without any gold ever touching the floor”, whilst the latter is a truly brain-bending series of challenges where you must carefully plan how to wring every last cent from a limited set of ingots. For the savvy gamer, there’s a special double-pack price of £0.99/€1.29 if you buy both together!

We’ll let you know more about our other game, Puzziball, next week. In the meantime we hope you’ll give Bullion Blitz a try – it is free, after all!

Thanks to you all, from everyone at Heavy Spectrum and Sony XDev.


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