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Weekend Debate: Your favourite video game art style

Guest PlayStation®

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Guest PlayStation®

So, how is everyone enjoying the first batch of PS Vita Plus titles? Some gems in there, no? I’ve taken the opportunity to revisit Japan Studio’s wonderful Gravity Rush – a game that I never tire of looking at, even if I might have played through all of the content it has to offer. It’s just a joy to behold – perhaps the closest you can get to a Studio Ghibli cartoon in video game form. Well, until Ni No Kuni arrives next year, at least.

So, your debate topic this week:

Which game boasts your favourite art style, and why?

I’m not talking about which game you think has the most detailed environmental textures, or the most realistic facial animations – I’m more interested in titles that you think have taken a particularly distinctive, creative and skilful approach to art direction. So don’t come at me with shout-outs for Call of Duty or FIFA!

Your prize game this week certainly has a unique artistic version all of its own. To mark the launch of its Mr Torgue’s Campaign Of Carnage DLC, the five most thoughtful responses win themselves a copy of bold, bonkers open world shooter Borderlands 2. The lavish Loot Chest edition, no less! Good luck!



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