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‘Heads-Up’ Store Update 28th November 2012

Guest PlayStation®

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Guest PlayStation®


First up this week, Ratchet & Clank: QForce. Retired Galactic President Captain Qwark searched in vain for space adventure, until a mystery super-villain plunged three planets into cosmic chaos. Now, with help from Ratchet and Clank, it’s up to the QForce heroes to strike back against a massive alien invasion.

Don’t forget: purchase this on PlayStation 3 and you’ll be able to download the PS Vita version at no cost, when it launches in January 2013.

Elsewhere on the Store this week, Battlefield 3: Aftermath has you rise from the ashes to fight across four earthquake ravaged maps, with new vehicles, a new Scavenger mode and new assignments to complete. Available now for Battlefield 3: Premium!

Also well worth your attention is the Mass Effect 3: Omega expansion. An uneasy alliance between Shepard and Aria begins a deadly game of cat-and-mouse through Omega’s underbelly. Faced with Aria’s lust for revenge, how far will you go to retake Omega.

We’re also pleased to offer discounts on Grand Theft Auto content, as well as some great savings on Sega titles, including Jet Set Radio, Nights into Dreams and more. As ever, Plus members can claim extra savings too. Check out PS Store today and grab yourself some discounts.

PlayStation Network New Content

Content may be added or removed, or move dates – please stay tuned to your weekly Store Update for the most up to date listings. Listed savings are approximate, based on SRP excluding Special Offer pricing and should be considered as a guide only.

PlayStation Plus

  • Ace Combat: Assault Horizon – 20% discount
  • Ace Combat: Assault Horizon – Advanced Edition – 20% discount
  • Breakquest Extra Evolution – 50% discount
  • Hell Yeah! – 20% discount
  • GTA sale – additional 10% off each item
  • Sega sale – see below, various additional savings

PS3 games

ИзображениеAce Combat Assault Horizon
Price: £15.99/€19.99
PEGI: 16
Availability: Not available in Bulgaria/Qatar




ИзображениеAce Combat Assault Horizon – Advanced Edition

Price: £23.99/€29.99
PEGI: 16
Availability: Not available in Bulgaria/ Germany/Qatar



ИзображениеDead Or Alive 5 – full game with ‘Round 3 Costumes’ bundle (limited release)
Price: £47.99/€59.99
PEGI: 16
Availability: All



ИзображениеFIFA 13 Bonus Edition
Price: £49.99/€69.99
Availability: All




ИзображениеRatchet & Clank: QForce (Trial available)
Price: £11.99/€14.99
Availability: All (UK/IRE 30th November)




ИзображениеThe Testament Of Sherlock Holmes
Price: £39.99/€49.99
PEGI: 16
Availability: Not available in Turkey




ИзображениеDisney · PIXAR Toy Story Mania!
Price: £27.99/€34.99
Availability: Not available in Germany




ИзображениеWarhammer 40,000: Space Marine Ultimate Edition
Price: £15.99/€19.99
PEGI: 18
Availability: All




ИзображениеWRC 3 FIA World Rally Championship
Price: £39.99/€49.99
Availability: Not available in Bulgaria/Croatia/Czech Republic/Finland/Hungary/Ireland/Israel/Kuwait/Norway/Qatar/Saudi Arabia/Slovenia/South Africa/Turkey/Ukraine/

PS3 demos (Free)

LEGO Lord Of The Rings
Availability: Not available in Croatia/India/Kuwait/Qatar/Saudi Arabia/Turkey/Ukraine/UAE

PS Vita games

ИзображениеTravel Bug
Price: Free
Availability: All


PlayStation Mobile

Price: £0.79/€0.99


  • Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown Complete Edition – £13.99/€17.99 (25% additional Plus discount)
  • Nights into Dreams – £4.99/€6.19 (20% additional Plus discount)
  • Jet Set Radio – £4.99/€6.19 (15% additional Plus discount)
  • Sonic Adventure – £2.99/€3.59 (30% additional Plus discount)
  • Sonic Adventure 2 – £4.99/€6.19 (15% additional Plus discount)
  • Space Channel 5: Part 2 – £4.99/€6.19 (15% additional Plus discount)


ИзображениеBreakQuest Bundle (2-in-1)
Price: £3.69/€4.49
Availability: All



Battlefield 3: Aftermath
Prices: £11.99/€14.99
Availability: All

Dead Or Alive 5

  • Character Costume Pack 2
  • China Pack
  • Formal Pack 2
  • Doa5 Costume Pack 4 Bundle

Prices: £3.99/€4.99
Availability: All

Far Cry 3

  • Uplay Passport

Prices: £7.99/€9.99
Availability: All

Gran Turismo 5

  • Corvette C7 Test Prototype ’13

Prices: Free
Availability: All (releases 29th November)

LittleBigPlanet (cross-buy)

  • Turkey Head Costume (re-release, one week only)

Prices: Free
Availability: All

Mass Effect 3

  • Mass Effect 3: Omega

Prices: £11.99/€14.99
Availability: All

Ratchet & Clank: QForce (Cross-Buy)

  • Villain Pack
  • Classic Pack
  • Npc Pack
  • Robot Pack
  • Predators Pack
  • Miniboss Pack
  • Pirates Pack
  • Future Pack

Prices: £1.19/€1.49
Availability: All

Rock Band 3

  • 77345_018 (£0.59/€0.79)
  • Call Me Maybe (£0.99/€1.49)
  • Extraordinary Girl (£0.99/€1.49)
  • Lonely (£0.99/€1.49)
  • New Solution (£0.99/€1.49)
  • Rampage Of Kronos (£0.59/€0.79)
  • Sex And Candy (£0.99/€1.49)
  • Still Young (£0.99/€1.49)

Availability: Not available in Bulgaria/Croatia/Czech Republic/Greece/Hungary/India/Israel/Kuwait/Luxembourg/Poland/Qatar/Russian Federation/Saudi Arabia/Slovenia/South Africa/Turkey/Ukraine/UAE


  • 3 Doors Down – Loser
  • 3 Doors Down – When I’M Gone
  • Chic – Good Times
  • David Bowie – Space Oddity
  • David Bowie – The Man Who Sold The World
  • Dobie Gray – Drift Away
  • Europe – The Final Countdown
  • Mountain – Mississippi Queen
  • Parliament – Give Up The Funk (Tear The Roof Off The Sucker)
  • Pearl Jam – Jeremy (Clean)
  • Rick James – Super Freak
  • Rush – Headlong Flight
  • The Allman Brothers Band – Jessica
  • The Allman Brothers Band – Whipping Post
  • The Black Keys – Just Got To Be
  • The Black Keys – Mind Eraser
  • The Offspring – Come Out And Play (Keep ‘Em Separated)
  • The Offspring – Gone Away
  • The Offspring – Self Esteem
  • Twisted Sister – We’re Not Gonna Take It
  • The Black Keys – Gold On The Ceiling
  • Vampire Weekend – Cousins
  • Whitesnake – Is This Love

Prices: £2.39/€2.99
Availability: Not available in Turkey

Sleeping Dogs

  • Gangland Style Pack

Prices: £1.19/€1.49
Availability: Not available in Germany

Sound Shapes (Cross-Buy)

  • Drum Kits Sound Pack
  • Acoustic Sound Pack
  • 8-Bit Sound Pack
  • Curved Terrain Pack (Free)

Prices: £0.79/€0.99
Availability: All


LittleBigPlanet (Cross-Buy)

  • Turkey Head Costume (re-release, one week only)

Prices: Free
Availability: All

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz

  • Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz – Dlc Bundle

Prices: £1.59/€1.99
Availability: All


The Studio Avatars

  • The Studio Resistance Avatar Bundle 1
  • The Studio Resistence Avatar 1
  • The Studio Resistence Avatar 2
  • The Studio Resistence Avatar 3
  • The Studio Resistence Avatar 4


  • Access Episode 060 - GB Only
  • Captain Scarlett And Her Pirate Booty - Ex. DE
  • Mechromancer - Ex. DE
  • F1 Race Stars Gameplay Trailer 2
  • Travel Bug Trailer - All
  • Playstation Guide Episode 10 - RU Only
  • Playstation Guide Episode 11 - RU Only

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