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Weekend Debate: Desert island discs

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Guest PlayStation®

On the assumption that a good proportion of you either a) don’t live in the UK, and/or B) don’t listen to BBC Radio 4, this week’s Weekend Debate probably requires a quick introduction.

Desert Island Discs is a long-running British radio show in which a well-known celebrity is asked which eight pieces of music they’d take with them if they had to spend the rest of their days stranded alone on a desert island. They also get to choose one book, and one luxury item (which can’t be a living thing).

It’s classic pub conversation fodder, and a hypothetical I frequently find myself locked in with chums. So, this week I thought I’d give it a video game-centric twist and throw it out to you guys. I want to know:

  • Which two video games would you take with you?
  • Which piece of videogame music?
  • Which luxury item?

List your picks below, along with an explanation for each choice. For the sake of argument, we’ll say that the desert island in question comes equipped with a high speed internet connection to enable online play.

I’ve got eight codes for the rather excellent PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale on PlayStation 3 for the most entertaining responses. Check out the trailer below to remind yourself of its lunatic charms.

Oh, and my personal picks to get you started:

Game #1: Dark Souls – considering how much a blather on about my unbridled love for this game, friends and colleagues would probably welcome my banishment to a distant faraway place. In short, it’s massive, it’s got crazy amounts of depth and the brilliantly weird multiplayer would keep me from feeling too lonesome!

Game #2: Resident Evil 4 - A classic that I’ve beaten umpteen times, and will happily plough-through again and again. Perfect desert island fodder.

Music: Yes, Rock Band is cheating! Having been separated from friends and family, I’d likely be a bit miserable so it needs to be something perky. Easy: PaRappa the Rapper.

Luxury: The thought of life without Maltesers is simply too dreadful to contemplate…


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