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Community update: Black Ops 2, Far Cry 3 and Hitman challenges

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Guest PlayStation®

Ho, ho, howdy folks! The festive season is upon us and we’ve got more activities, events and competitions than you can shake a pack of mince pies at! Each day, a new panel opens up on our advent calendar. Each newly opened door will unveil a video game character dressed in Santa attire. Figure out who it is first and we might be able to sort out a little stocking filler for you!


The moderation team and I have opened ourselves up for humiliation by challenging the community to take us on in a Black Ops 2 special on 28th December! As you can imagine, the opportunity to gun down a moderator has proved quite the attraction! To keep track of what’s happening in this event, keep your eyes on this thread here!


If you haven’t already picked up a copy of the awesome Far Cry 3 then you’re in luck, because we’ve teamed with Ubisoft to offer three copies of the game as prizes, with a map of the game world and a bobble head of the villainous Vaas throw in!

To stand a chance of winning all you have to do it create a ‘Wish you Were Here’ style postcard depicting Far Cry 3′s savage Rook Islands and post it in this thread! If you’re not the artistic type we’ve provided a few assets to help you out, although you don’t have to use them!


If that wasn’t enough, we also have a whole heap of Hitman Absolution swag to give away.
“How do I win these epic goodies?” I hear you ask. Well, you need to take part in our Community Challenge for all of the Hitman Absolution players out there. A hit order has been put out against noted chef Francois Munguia for his crimes against cuisine. To accept this mission you need to do the following:

  • Add ‘Baldskopff’ to your friends list
  • Boot up Hitman Absolution’s Contracts Mode
  • Search for Baldskopff’s “OPC Food Critic” Contract
  • Complete the Contract, earning the highest score possible
  • Confirm your entry by posting on this thread

Until next week!


Читать дальше
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