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PlayStation Mobile: Cosmic Clean-Up sweeps in tomorrow

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Here at Green Hill we’re huge fans of simple mechanics and getting the most out of them. And we love the concept of using the spaceship as a weapon in our new PlayStation Mobile title, Cosmic Clean-Up, out tomorrow priced £0.99/€1.29.

Players must strategically use the fire from the ship’s thruster burn to destroy the space junk that is blocking their path – before it destroys them! Do your bit for the Cosmos… Take your spaceship and use the fire from the exhaust to burn away space junk orbiting your home planet!

It takes special skill to speed towards a hard piece of rock, and steer away from it in the nick of time, whilst cleverly covering the debris in hot burning fire! In essence this risk-reward, arcade style of gameplay makes playing Cosmic Clean-Up both thrilling and fun!

Изображение Изображение

Cosmic Clean-Up is a perfect balance of risk, skill, and reward. But above all, it is exactly what it says; a thorough cleaning of the cosmos. During your aggressive spring-cleaning journey you will come across different galaxies and tons of strange objects. Watch out for fast moving satellites or fire blazing swirls. Only agility will save you from crashing…

Well, that and the power-ups, of course! They make you invincible, increase your fire power, and more. With 40 levels to explore over four worlds, there are plenty of thrills to be enjoyed.

We had a lot of fun developing this title and coming up with all the crazy things you come across. Five wonderful soundtracks have been incorporated as well as gibberish-Russian cosmonaut VO – just for fun. We’ve also tweaked the gameplay endlessly in order to give the best experience on all PlayStation Mobile devices. The clean and beautiful style combined with simple gameplay mechanics allows for a perfect blend of arcade action.

If the content in this game isn’t enough, the replay value surely will be. The cartoon-style graphics and PlayStation Mobile’s way of handling these is what makes everything look so sharp. Hope you all get a chance to enjoy Cosmic Clean-Up!

Check out the GreenHill Games page on Facebook for updates on Cosmic Clean-Up and all our other games.


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