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PlayStation Home: 2012 Winter finale

Guest PlayStation®

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Guest PlayStation®

PlayStation Home will briefly be offline from 8.00am GMT on Wednesday 19th December for routine maintenance. Here’s what to expect after the update…

Winter Island


Cold winds have blown into PlayStation Home and the mysterious and festive winter island has appeared again just off the coast of Pier Park. What wonders will it bring this year?

You are cordially invited to the 2012 Winter Holiday Ball where you can take on the role of a distinguished party guest! Earn XP while dancing, duelling, voting in a costume parade, kissing under mistletoe, and more. There’s also a blast from the past as you can pick up a personal space version of the Winter Wonderland.

Keep an eye on Pier Park on New Year’s Eve for the ultimate End of the World Year Party!


Festive Sale


There are loads of bargains to be had from 19th December through to 9th January. Over 40 items are on sale in Home Square and on the Navigator, with savings of up to 70%. Check back soon for full details.

Home Tycoon Sale


Save big in Home Tycoon this week! For a limited time, get 40% off the high-octane Stunt Pack expansion, and save 35% on the mega-popular Luxury Life Tower, on sale again by popular demand!


Drive like an animal with two new zoo animal cars: the Pink Bear Car and the Silver Giraffe Car!

peakvox ninja

O-Two is pleased to announce the launch of their 1st Space in EU, “peakvox ninja”! Come and enjoy the spectacular ninja battle!

To find out more visit the peakvox website or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

The Pet Shop

Pick up some of the latest and greatest companions and aquatic items for you and your personal spaces here. Just for coming by you’ll take home a FREE Goldfish Tank. This fully interactive aquarium item allows you to feed your fish, clean your tank and rewards you for keeping them alive.

There are cat and dog companions waiting for your attention and love and a Dancing Weasel companion that was created from The Casino’s custom home item contest.

Casino Rewards


Digital Leisure’s Penthouse furniture line is being released to the public. This furniture bundle is for people who reach Tier 10 with 1.5 million in total earnings in The Casino. This Canadian crafted furniture is the perfect blend of quality, comfort, and class.

Out with the old and in with the new! The Casino’s fountain is now handing out a new reward! If you’re lucky enough after tossing some chips in you’ll be rewarded with the Elizabeth Tower ornament.


Give your friends the journey of a lifetime with The Dream Yacht: Arctic Voyage, including 20 onboard rewards, only available from the Gift Machine.

It’s party season! Stun your friends with the new Zipper Dress, perfect for hitting the dance floor.

Uproar: Winter Riot


The latest Uproar collection is here! With new weapons, taunts, rewards and a level cap increase – there are even a few quirky seasonal items to get you in the festive spirit. Visit the Uproar arena now to claim your FREE head tattoo rewards!

LOOT Space Station Theatre & Forsaken Planet


LOOT opens its doors, revealing its latest game and the most compelling way to shop. Watch free movies and TV shows with your friends in the brand new LOOT Theatre. Forsaken Planet is a game on PC and select Android devices. Get exclusive in-game upgrades by purchasing Forsaken Planet items in PlayStation Home. To retrieve your rewards, create your login for your LOOT Entertainment account at the Forsaken Planet rewards area.

Konami Animations and Tattoos


Konami releases their first set of animation packs – with the Anime, Fighting and K-Pop dance packs you will be able to do a peace sign pose, perform a kata or mimic your favourite Korean viral cowboy dance (now with randomizer!) Konami also expands their tattoo lineup with their Chinese Zodiac tattoos!



At GZ Burger, invite your friends and feast side by side! The Southern Island Hideaway and Great Edo of Nippon lounges have also been changed completely with winter scenery.

The Essentials of Sun Bathing Fun! Granzella introduces the Inner Tube and Swimming Float Series. These can be used while swimming at the Glittering Sands Beach and can also be used with Everyone’s Picture: On the Beach. Choose a pose on a Swimming Float and take a picture of yourself!


Granzella introduces the Red and White Swimsuits Set. Made with red and white materials, it’s the perfect swimsuit for December!

nDreams Heels

nDreams release a brand new locomotion item or rather, a bundle of locomotions! Turn any shoe into a high heel with the new Heels locomotion, including a new walk animation.

Age of Swords


VEEMEE brings more Age of Swords in the form of three fantastic new medieval outfits and a Wolfhound companion. The Northern Princess outfit is perfect for wearing to a banquet, the Man At Arms outfit a must have for heroic warriors and the Druid outfit is for those who like to commune with the spirit world.

Avalon Keep: King’s Chamber Expansion


The renovations on your bedchamber have been completed! You now have a place to lay your kingly, or queenly, head at night. This update comes with exclusive owner only rewards: Crystal Staves. Purchasing this update will also allow you and your guests to earn the Stained Glass Wall Hangings for each of the four Noble Houses: Dumont, Raleigh, Thaon and Grimoult.

Juggernaut Party Machine


Ring in the New Year in style with Juggernaut Games’ PartyMachine 2013 active item, an ideal DJ with a great selection of party music! Bring life to the party with the Party Spotlight and celebrate with the Confetti Bomb. If you feel like dancing, the PartyMachine 2013 companion is the perfect partner. Finally, pick up a Sparker LMO for a sparkling good time this New Year!

That’s all for now, folks! For the next couple of weeks the PlayStation Home Team will be donning festive jumpers, scoffing mince pies and telling some very bad jokes! So enjoy the festivities wherever you may be, and we’ll see you in the New Year!


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