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13 reasons to be excited about 2013

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Good morning all. Any sore heads out there? I do hope everyone enjoyed their celebrations. Of course, today sees the dawning of a brand new year, and one that is ripe with tantalising prospects for gamers.

So, before we properly kick off another year of PlayStation Blogging next week, it seemed like a good opportunity to look ahead and pick out a few of the most exciting releases on the horizon for both PlayStation 3 and PS Vita.

You’ll be hearing much, much more on all these titles in the coming months here on PlayStation Blog. In the meantime, feel free to start salivating…

The Last of Us
There are surely few more anticipated releases on any system than Uncharted developer Naughty Dog’s brand new IP. Set in a terrifying post-apocalyptic landscape, The Last of Us promises a visceral, dramatic, sophisticated and hugely entertaining survival adventure.
Expected: 7th May (PS3)

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch
The combination of beloved Japanese animation house Studio Ghibli (Spirited Away, Ponyo) and RPG specialists Level-5 is one the most tantalising match-ups in recent years. Even if the gameplay falls short – which it won’t – this will be worth the price of entry for the majestic visuals alone.
Expected: 25th January (PS3)

Grand Theft Auto 5
This one needs no introduction. A new entry in the GTA series is a huge event in the gaming calendar and this will be no different. Expect the usual Rockstar formula – a huge open world, brilliant mission design, jet black humour and outrageous violence.
Expected: Spring 2013 (PS3)

Killzone: Mercenary
Guerrilla’s acclaimed FPS series makes its PS Vita debut later this year, and will do so in real style, packing a true blockbuster twin-stick experience onto your handheld. We’ll have more on how this is shaping up very soon.
Expected: TBC 2013 (PS Vita)

Beyond: Two Souls
2009′s Heavy Rain signalled the arrival of Quantic Dream’s David Cage as one of the gaming industry’s true visionaries, and Beyond – the tense, action-packed tale of young Jodie Holmes and her mysterious supernatural companion Aiden – should cement that further.
Expected: TBC 2013 (PS3)

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time
It’s been a long wait for Sly fans since his last full adventure – 2005′s Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves – but the racoon’s return this year will be well worth the wait. Developer Sanzaru Games has packed Thieves in Time with invention, charm, and heaps and heaps of content. Can’t wait.
Expected: 27th March (PS3 and PS Vita)

Tomb Raider
Crystal Dynamic’s bold reinvention of the classic Tomb Raider series will surely be one of the big talking points of early 2013. Expect a surprisingly brutal origins tale, packed with some of the biggest set-pieces you’ll see all year.
Expected: 5th March (PS3)

For my money, Tearaway’s delightful reveal at Gamescom back in August was one of the highlights of 2012. Media Molecule’s first release since LittleBigPlanet 2 comes bearing the weight of expectation but, judging by that lovely first trailer, surely won’t disappoint. Again, we’ll have much more on this one very soon.
Expected: TBC 2013 (PS Vita)

Crysis 3
Any Plus members out there who’ve been enjoying Crysis 2 of late should know that Crytek’s sci-fi IP is one of the smartest shooters out there. The German studio has promised that the third entry in the series will push the PlayStation 3 to its very limits. Considering what a feast for the eyes its predecessor was, that’s a very exciting prospect…
Expected: 22nd February (PS3)

2013 is shaping up to be a great year for anyone who appreciates a healthy splash of colour in their video games, and Japan Studios’ gorgeous platformer, Puppeteer, is leading the charge. Take a look at our recent interview with creator Gavin Moore for more on this intriguing project.
Expected: TBC 2013 (PS3)

God of War: Ascension
It’s a stoney heart that’s not excited to see the death-dealing demi-god back in action, and Santa Monica Studio’s forthcoming prequel promises to pack a mighty punch. Multiplayer is new to the series, but solo players won’t be disappointed by the massive main campaign either.
Expected: 15th March (PS3)

Soul Sacrifice
Legendary Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune returns to the PlayStation ecosystem this year with a deep, dark fantasy action title. Expect vicious combat, complex multiplayer systems and some of the most gruesome creature design this side of Dark Souls.
Expected: TBC 2013 (PS Vita)

BioShock Infinite
Ken Levine’s first outing since the original BioShock back in 2008 looks absolutely stunning. Swapping the iconic underwater realm of Rapture for the stunning cloud city of Columbia, Infinite promises to be one of the most fascinating, ambitious video games of 2013.
Expected: 26th March (PS3)

And the rest…
That lot isn’t enough to make your wallet start sweating? It’s just the tip of the iceberg. Aliens: Colonial Marines, Fuse, Until Dawn, Dead Space 3, DmC Devil May Cry, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Dust 514, Injustice: Gods Among Us… the list goes on. Looks like a hell of a year ahead, no?


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