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Top T@g tips – how to make your mark in the PS Vita app

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Now that you’ve got to grips with t@gging, we thought it was time to give you some tips on how to get ahead of your rivals!

In order to get to the top of the leaderboard you’ll need all the help you can get! Start by checking out your local rivals on the leader board and then use the map to claim their t@g zones!

As you move up the levels you will unlock more save slots for your t@gs! This means you will have more t@gs in your profile for others t@ggers to check out and rate.


Need some more points? Have a look at the stickers section and complete some challenges! Remember, other t@ggers can see which stickers you have, so in order to be the best you’ll need to get them all!

When it comes to earning points, It’s not always about how may t@gs you place. You’ll get 25 points for every five star rating your t@g receives, so it’s worth putting in the extra time to make sure your t@g is looking awesome!

With t@g there is always room for improvement! So have a look at our top tips below to see what you can do better. Good Luck!

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T@g top tips:

  • Want to save more tags? Did you know that as you progress through the game you will unlock more save slots.
  • Want to show your friends your t@gs and stickers? Go to ‘profile settings’ from the main menu and select the ‘Facebook’ tab. You can log into Facebook and share your stickers and t@gs with your Facebook friends.
  • Did you know you can re-order layers in the t@g editor? Simply press and hold the layer number and drag it over the layer number you want to swap it with.
  • In the t@g editor, you can use the rear touchpad to move effects around your tag!
  • Use the map to find other players t@gs, did you know the map has 2 zoom level, pinch to zoom in or out so you can see more of your local area.
  • Check out your rivals! Pressing on another t@ggers username from the leader board will allow you to see their profile. You can rate their t@gs, see which stickers they have been awarded and see what you’re up against!
  • On the leader board, press the ‘local’ tab to only see other t@ggers who are within a 25km radius around you.


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