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Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable launches PS Vita assault tomorrow

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Happy New Year everyone! I hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas and received plenty of games to try out!

It’s now time to start checking out new games for 2013! But don’t look too far, as tomorrow Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable launches in Europe and Australasia on PlayStation Vita as a digital download on PlayStation Network, priced €39.99/£31.99.

With this completely remastered version from the original classic shooter, the famous Japanese developer Sandlot catches our attention. Indeed, thanks to the high diversity offered by PS Vita, you will be able to save the world with your friends in online multiplayer for up to four players and in co-op and versus mode. Get ready to battle against the very best from outer space in Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable and take out the neverending onslaught of insects infesting our planet!

Enjoy 60 missions, including seven new ones, each playable in five difficulty levels; Easy, Normal, Hard, Hardest, and… Inferno! Will you be able to master something harder than the “hardest”? Yes, “Inferno” seems insanely difficult at first, but the more difficult levels you play, the stronger weapons you’ll get!

For the first time ever, the game also features multiplayer for up to four players! Play with your friends from all around the world in co-op or versus mode for EDF supremacy. You’ll also be able to play as fan favorite flyer Pale Wing and soar above buildings with her jet pack and cause awesome destruction from above. These exclusive features make Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable a whole new EDF experience!

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We have also prepared a range of downloadable content that will be released in February to help you on your way:

Electro Paralyzer
A top-secret super weapon developed by the EDF whose flare shells halt the target’s actions. The technology behind it is shrouded in mystery. Some say it was developed by a military genius or its secrets gleaned from a downed Ravager scout. Extend its effects by hitting the target repeatedly.

Heat Blaster
A short-range laser gun whose mighty firepower compensates for its limited range. It requires heavy equipment to recharge, making it impossible to reload on the battlefield. Pull the trigger to release all of its energy, or it can keep firing until you switch weapons.

Limit Booster
A data transmitter that sends a special program to vehicles in the vicinity (helicopters, bikes, Vegaltas), shutting down their safety overrides and unlocking their maximum capabilities. Multiple uses won’t increase the upgrade ratio, but will make the effects last longer.

Reverse Drone
An unmanned drone with a nanomachine capsule payload. Flies straight ahead to the nearest ally, and once it connects, it disperses the nanomachines to heal the target. Adjust the direction of fire to select your target.

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Before trying on the new sequel Earth Defense Force 2025, due later this year, please join forces with the EDF team and get ready to destroy thousands of giant bugs and turn an entire city into dust! For those who are new to EDF, this Vita version will be a good start to your EDF career!


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