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Table Mini Golf Putts to PS Vita on April 9th

Guest PlayStation®

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Guest PlayStation®

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to a brand new game in the AR Play family of PlayStation Vita titles – Table Mini Golf (no, not table putt-putt – sorry Mid-west)!

Like the previous games in the AR Play series, Table Mini Golf is a bite-sized game with monster-sized scope – you’ll use the AR Play cards to construct dozens of mini-golf courses across most flat surfaces of your choosing, and then pick one of three stylish characters to show off your putting skills in style.

Courses are split into one of two lively themes – Horror and Pirate – and come in both Rookie and Pro difficulties to satisfy those looking for a lighthearted and/or challenging good time. These courses can be mixed and matched across two distinct modes, Free Play and Elimination, in which up to four players (or AI partners) can compete to see whose putting skills are above and below par. (See what I did there?)


Fear not, Table Mini Golf is not your standard game of nine holes – the good folks at Four Door Lemon have wedged in plenty of challenges, Trophies and extra goodies to keep you playing. Winning matches and satisfying certain conditions will grant you style points, which in turn help you level up your player and earn you “mementos” to adorn your very own Club House.
But we can’t forget about bragging rights – what good is a game of mini-golf if you can’t show off your putting skills to your fellow PS Vita competitors? Table Mini Golf will feature a full set of online leaderboards to compare your skills on each course and difficulty to those of your friends and world-wide opponents. Be sure to putt some distance between yourself and the competition!


Ready to get your minigolf on? Table Mini Golf will be available on April 9th at the far-below-par price of $1.99. Additionally, the Toyland Course Pack, which includes a full third set of Rookie and Pro Courses, will be available at launch for $0.99. I hope to see you all out there on the virtual artificial grass in April!


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