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The PlayStation Recap: What We’re Reading

Guest PlayStation®

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Guest PlayStation®

With GDC behind us (full roundup here), we can finally concentrate on what’s really important: BioShock Infinite is out! Grab it on Blu-ray, or download it straight to your PS3 on PSN.

Side-scrolling indie adventure Terraria is coming to PS Vita, we got a release date for the long-awaited exploration-based platformer Guacamelee, the infamously unforgiving Spelunky is coming to PSN, and more. Oh, and if you’re planning to watch the season finale of The Walking Dead, keep your eyes peeled for The Last of Us’ TV spot during the show.

What are you playing this weekend?

  • I’m playing: BioShock Infinite, PixelJunk Eden
  • I’m watching: The Walking Dead, Monk
  • I’m listening to: PlayStation Blogcast 067, the Hotline Miami soundtrack

What We’re Reading

This Week’s Top 10 Posts

  • GDC Wrap-up: Indie Developers Choose PS4, PS3, PS Vita
  • Primal Carnage: Genesis Bringing Dinosaurs to PS4
  • The Last of Us TV Spot on The Walking Dead Season Finale
  • God of War: Ascension Update 1.03 Deploys Today
  • Exclusive Bioshock Infinite Audio Mode for Pulse – Elite Edition Headset
  • Game Developers: PhyreEngine 3.5 Arrives Today for PS3, PS4, PS Vita
  • Blacklight: Retribution: Free-to-Play Shooter Coming to PS4
  • Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag New Gameplay Trailer
  • New Gameplay: The Invisible World of rain
  • Divekick: The Fighting Community Phenomenon Comes to PSN
At GDC, Hideo Kojima Finally Unwraps Metal Gear Solid V
Borderlands 2 Level Increase and Other Changes
PlayStation and indie games: a love story
GDC: Injustice has a Challenge Tower and quicker patching
PlayStation 4 uses both real names and PSN handles, DualShock 4 charges in standby
This Is Running on a PlayStation 4 in Real Time, According to Epic
Journey sweeps Game Developers Choice Awards, wins 6 of 11
Kojima explains how he totally faked everyone out
Ninja Theory talks reboot and shows off unseen Dante art
Experience Injustice firsthand with demo starting April 2
Take A Look At How Hotline Miami Plays On The PlayStation Vita

Most-Watched Video of the Week


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