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Sacred Citadel battles onto PlayStation Network this month

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Hello again PlayStation Bloggers, Rupert Ochsner from Deep Silver here! We are very happy and very proud to announce the release date for Sacred Citadel: 17th April 2013! We’re currently putting the finishing touches on the game, together with developer Southend Interactive.

Sacred Citadel is a side-scrolling action brawler that offers a lot of depth, but is also very accessible for newcomers. You will have to fight different opponents that require individual tactics. Please take a look at the first PlayStation Blog entry to learn more.

Through the video featurette available today here at the PlayStation Blog, we reveal the fourth and final of the playable characters in Sacred Citadel. The other three were the Ancarian Ranger, the Safiri Warrior, and the Khukuri Shaman. Each of the four protagonists will have their own combos, special moves, skills, and equipment, and they will each play totally differently. Check out our official website to learn more about their attributes.


So who will be the final character then? None other than the Seraphim Mage, a character who is very special and dear to all Sacred fans! The Seraphim has always played a unique role in the Sacred series, one could even say that she is the figurehead for Sacred.

In Sacred Citadel, the Seraphim represents the Mage class, specialized in offensive magic. She keeps to the background most of the time and casts devastating magic spells that cause elemental damage with various effects. With a spell book or a wand in her hand, she can also cause magic combo attacks using the elements of fire and ice.

Sacred Citadel will be available for PS3 on 17th April 2013, at a price of €14.99. For all of those fans who are eager for more, we also have a special surprise to announce around that date.

Join us on our official Facebook or Twitter pages or check out more artwork, videos, and screenshots on our official website. We look forward to playing Sacred Citadel with you online from 17th April! And feel free to ask us more questions below, we are looking forward to answering them!


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