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PlayStation Home update: Pottermore is here

Guest PlayStation®

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Guest PlayStation®

PS Home will briefly be offline from 8.00am GMT on Wednesday 3rd April for routine maintenance. Here’s what to expect after the update…

Pottermore at PlayStation Home

Step inside locations from the Harry Potter stories this week with the release of Pottermore at PlayStation Home. Begin your journey in Diagon Alley, where you can buy your house robes or a pet as well as experience the mayhem of Book Herding. Then board the Hogwarts Express and challenge your fellow students to a Wizard’s Duel or put your knowledge of the wizarding world to the test in a Pottermore quiz! You can also access additional content by linking your PSN ID with your account on Pottermore.com – the free interactive website from J.K. Rowling. Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for further releases in the coming weeks!

CodeGlue: DIY Racer


DIY Racer by Codeglue turns your apartment into a fun multiplayer race track! Use your existing or our specially designed furniture to create jumps, bridges, and tunnels for the most bizarre track you can think of! Choose from six cool RC cars and do crazy tricks to unlock the coolest rewards!

Animation Packs – Vol 2


You’ve danced The Dynamite and you have gestured to your friends. Now get ready for the second volume of animation! Motion Captured at the world famous Pinewood Studios there are four new dance packs and two new gesture packs to enjoy including the Retro and Famous Dance Packs and the Love and Rude Gesture Packs.

Full Sized Companions


Two very different full size companions will be available this week, The Cursed Companion and the VIP Bodyguard. The Cursed Companion will haunt you at every step while the VIP Bodyguard is sworn to protect a very important person – you!

Konami Tanks and Space Fighters


Konami releases all new vehicles! Intimidate with your very own mini-tank or fly around in your glowing space fighter. There are multiple colours of each, so collect them all!



Tier 7 rewards are being added to every game at the Casino! We are rewarding you a Censor Bar in Poker, or class up the place with either a gorgeous Evening Gown or a Three-Piece Suit from the Roulette tables… and many more!

Lockwood Flaming Hair and Eyes
Hair keeps your head warm, it can hide unfortunate forehead blemishes or sticky out ears and can add the perfect finishing touch to an outfit. But couldn’t hair do more? Couldn’t it be more distracting, more impressive, more fiery? Lockwood’s flaming hair is exactly that. And there’re flaming eyes too!

Billabong clothes by VEEMEE


This week’s new Billabong clothes include a selection of new hats, shorts, tank tops, shirts, trousers, dresses and two-part bikini bundles. Check out the Militia Rasta AXS Flexifit Cap for men and the Yeehaw hat for women. Look excellent in the White Hook & Sinker Tank and Royal Occy Boardshorts for men.

Cherry Blossoms at the Japanese Teahouse


Spring is on its way! The cherry blossoms are in bloom at the Japanese Teahouse. Their petals dance as fish swimming in the river. While the seasons change and feelings are pondered, don’t you need a moment of peace?

The Locomotion – Picnic Sheet


With the new Picnic Sheet Locomotion, you can sit down on it where you place it! You can choose from four different sitting positions. There are six variations of items you can spread out… so let’s go have a picnic!

Stylish Stole and Hooded Cardigans


The impressive women’s Stole Cardigan set, with a cute, soft silhouette, comes with a Knit Cat Ear Cap, Stole Cardigan & One Piece, and Vertical Belted Long Boots. The high fashion masculine Hooded Cardigan set comes with a Knit Cat Ear Cap, Hip Fastener Chinos, and Leather Trainers.

That’s all for now. See you in PlayStation Home!



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