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PlayStation Home update: Free Defiance costumes

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PS Home will briefly be offline from 8.00am GMT on Wednesday 10th April for routine maintenance. Here’s what to expect after the update…

To celebrate the launch of Defiance, we’ve teamed up with Trion to bring you some free costumes from the game and your very own Hellbug. Keep an eye out for the Defiance tile on the Navigator where you can pick up your free goodies as well as the game itself and also a link to the Cinema to watch the latest game trailer!

Peakvox Labs
We are also releasing the much anticipated Peakvox Labs space this week! The space contains a whole host of mini-games as well as a cornucopia of rewards to be won. There are also some less obvious puzzles to solve… You’ll find Peakvox Labs in the Latest section on the Navigator!

Desert Haven Clubhouse


Set amongst the red rocks in the sunny and sand-strewn desert valley, the Desert Haven is a clubhouse that allows up to 32 members a private location to meet up and play games together. For a limited time the Desert Haven is available as an Open House, so grab a lounger by the pool and soak up that desert sun!

(Note: You must first own the Clubhouse Slot before setting the Desert Haven as a clubhouse.)



Madmunki release their third set of Spun Home Commerce items and the first spun update to Spunland. Chief of the commerce items is The Spunland Cottage – a little slice of Spunland all for the enjoyment of you and your friends. Trigger the Spun Clock to begin a set of collecting and chasing games, control all the elements of the background music by switching the Sonic Spunners on and off, or sit out in the garden and watch your very own Flusho Spunner graze the spun day away under the sky!

Aqua Mounts by Hellfire Games


Swim effortlessly through the air and boost your speed to 150% with Aqua Mounts! Climb aboard the Fearsome Great White, Majestic Dolphin, or Grand Orca Aqua Mounts to glide through your favourite spaces in style.

Choppers Locomotion
You have had Sports Bikes but now you get the real deal. An nDreams Chopper is the ultimate status symbol. Grab one of the three different styles; original, High Rise or Lo-Rider and cruise around Home and be the envy of all your friends.

Beautiful Shadow Companions
The Beautiful Shadow Companions show who you really are. The will follow you wherever you go showing the inner you. Available in three types; The Hunk, The Honey and Inner Demon.

Street Moves


This week, and for all the weeks to come, get any of the four volumes of Street Move Characters and the associated companion item all for one price. Fantastic Value!

Lockwood – Let’s play Golf


Fresh air, a peaceful atmosphere and the opportunity to demonstrate your sporting prowess – there are few things more civilised than a round of golf. Figment has everything you need to look and feel the part, from fine clothing to the strokes you need to play including a swing and a putt.

Konami Hairstyles

New release of hairstyles by Konami this week! Try out the Petunia, the Flow, The Breeze or the Wave.

Anime characters


Impress all of your friends with the Martial Artist, Demon Hunter, Kawaii Witch and Mecha Musume. There are multiple colours for each one and unique custom animations as well:

There are 12 items for the complete bedroom experience. An interactive double bed you can lie on as well as wardrobes, cupboards, chests of drawers, a mirror, a vanity table with stool, and a bedside lamp.



Don’t miss the latest release of Wrangler content, with four new items in the Wrangler store. A new range of tops and jackets will be available, including the “Hoodie Zip – Navy” for men and the ladies “Jolie – Leather Jacket”.

Granzella Wind & Earth Clothing Set
Live among the people of Wind and Earth, their native outfits are here! Featuring bold designs to experience nature such as distinctive feathers, tailored leather tops, bottoms, and boots.



Is your apartment looking a little too pristine? Do you want to turn your personal space into a handyman’s dream? If you answered yes, or not, then Digital Leisure has a brand new item for you in The Casino at the Lucky Fountain! Toss a chip or two into this water feature and you’ll have a chance to take home a Cracked Wall.

That’s all for now. See you in PlayStation Home!


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