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Combat racer Fuel Overdose serves up free DLC today

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Hi, this is Skander Djerbi, I’m the executive producer of Fuel Overdose. In case this is the first time you’ve heard about our game, let me describe it briefly.

Created by just two hard-working developers, Fuel Overdose is an indie combat racer for PS3 that brings a new approach to the genre with tons of innovative game mechanics such as the grappling hooks and the super/ultra furies. What’s so special about Fuel Overdose is that it also puts the focus on the strategy. The game is definitely not only about driving and shooting, and constantly challenges your decision-making skills before and during the races.


With that brief intro out the way, let me switch to the main reason why I’m here today: the release today, of our first (free) DLC – the Mercenary Vehicle Pack that contains five additional vehicles (did I mention it’s free J ?). There’s the Limo, Monster (monster truck), Hover (hovercraft), Loader and Military – see them in action in the trailer below..

When we started thinking what kind of rides we wanted for our DLC, we rapidly came to the conclusion that they had to be really different from the 10 vehicles of the original game. We wanted them to be visually striking and also to have their own handling. Take the Hover, for example. It’s a hovercraft and the way you maneuver it is totally different from any other vehicle you’ll find in the game.

These vehicles can be used in any game mode (free race, story, championship, multiplayer…) except the challenge mode, for one reason: these special vehicles are extremely powerful and we didn’t want to make the challenge mode too easy (I must admit that the game is very challenging J).


One last thing: this is the first free DLC, and there’s going to be another free pack in the coming weeks. The first images of this second drop, titled Wanderer Vehicle Pack, are in the trailer above. And if you want to challenge me, here is my PSN ID: skandertk.

To get in touch, or find out more about our game, please visit us here:

Twitter: @skanderdjerbi



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