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GRID 2 multiplayer features revealed

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We’ve talked already about World Series Racing and the single player experience of GRID 2, and now it’s time to talk multiplayer.

Multiplayer in GRID 2 is big. Bigger than anything we’ve done before. More depth, more choice, more progression… but before we get to the BIG details, we’ll just chuck in a little reminder that you can play in two-player split-screen across our game modes. It’s old school, and we love it.

GRID 2 utilises a multiplayer system that is completely separate to the single player portion of the game. We want to bring the best of online gaming to the racing genre and a dedicated, distinct game is the only way we could achieve what we wanted.

As you progress you’ll be able to earn XP and cash which will allow you to purchase cars and upgrades and you’ll constantly have new challenges and rivals. You’ll also be able to showcase your individuality by customising and modifying your cars. With over six billion possible combinations to choose from, you’ll certainly stand out on the grid.

The clean vs. the dirty
Naturally these two types of racer don’t get on very well, it’s the cats vs. dogs of the racing world and as such our matchmaking system aims to separate the two. What this means is that players who prefer a clean race are more likely to find sessions with one another while those who enjoy trading pain will be grouped together.


The beating heart of GRID 2
At the heart of our multiplayer system is RaceNet, our Community hub that tracks your Codemasters Racing career. It’s here where you’ll find all the Community stats and leaderboards and you’ll even be able to earn awards too. But it goes way beyond tracking your progress – loads of new features launch with RaceNet and GRID 2 as it becomes fully integrated into the game.


RaceNet Rivals is a new way for you to challenge players and you’ll have three different types to conquer.

  • Weekly – Picked at random for you to compete against.
  • Social – Picked from your friends or players you’ve raced against previously.
  • Custom – Pick someone based on your own parameters, re-ignite passed rivalries, make new ones.

Global Challenge is a brand new asynchronous game mode where your rivalries will spark into life and become as heated as ever. Compete against rivals and earn XP, Cash and RaceNet followers, even if they aren’t online – hit them where it hurts. You’ll be able to track your Global Challenge progress both in game and online via the RaceNet website. RaceNet is of course free, and you can get your account ready if you don’t already have one by visiting www.racenet.com.

The game modes
No multiplayer system is complete without a range of game modes on offer and GRID 2 will have you covered, regardless of which discipline of racing you enjoy. Take part in Endurance, Drift, Touge, Checkpoint, Face Off, Time Attack, Overtake, Power Lap and of course… Race (including LiveRoutes on our city tracks).


Record those special memories
You know the deal, you overtake a friend on the last corner, watch a rival spin out (and do a barrel roll) with just one lap to go or the whole grid comes together in one almighty first corner pile up. It’s moments like these that you just want to share and with the return of our YouTube functionality, you’ll be able to upload your favourite clips directly from within the game straight to YouTube and RaceNet.

We’re just weeks away from GRID 2′s 31st May release and we can’t wait to see you on the track.


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