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Air Conflicts: Vietnam takes flight on PS3 later this year

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Greetings PlayStation Blog. I’d like to introduce you to Air Conflicts: Vietnam – the latest addition to our Air Conflicts line, due for release in the third quarter of 2013 for PlayStation 3.

Breaking away from the World War theme, our upcoming game turns to Vietnam where we feel there is huge potential for a whole new air combat experience. Vietnam brings a new perspective and fresh impetus to the series, introducing legendary jet planes such as the F-4 Phantom and the infamous B-52, along with the thrill of supersonic dog-fighting, heat-seeking missiles, carpet bombing, and laser-guided munitions.

In addition to the new supersonic flight capability, we resurrect the iconic helicopters of the era – the immortal UH-1 Huey, the brutal AH-1 Cobra, and even the steadfast CH-47 Chinook and CH-53 Sea Stallion for transport and rescue operations. Air Conflicts: Vietnam is unparalleled by any other flight game on the market, offering a strikingly diverse range of mission objectives, entirely new easy-to-handle control mechanics designed for supersonic aircraft and helicopters, and breathtaking visuals to immerse the player fully into the Vietnam experience.


The character-led story is focused on the most famous battles in Vietnam, presenting them from the perspective of a pilot in the US Navy. We’ve striven to present the game from various angles, showing both sides of the Vietnam coin. However, it is the story of one pilot and his family back home – a story describing the influence of war on all involved, both the good and the bad.

In each mission, the player controls a full squadron of different aircraft and their pilots, allowing a significantly more strategic approach compared to similar games. Will you try to sneak your under-armoured UH-1 past the lines of enemy AA, or take the fully-armed and combat-ready AH-1 Cobra to lay waste to their defences before transporting troops to the designated LZ?


Each pilot has their own personality, their own traits and talents to aid in certain roles, and each improves and progresses in rank throughout the game according to their operational performance.

We aimed to remove the cliché of repetitive “bomb and dogfight” objectives, and so have designed a variety of mission objectives and the tools for the player to achieve them. The player will deploy paratroopers into combat or rescue downed pilots far behind enemy lines, chase down supply convoys, launch defoliation missions, engage in helicopter vs helicopter combat, commit surgical strikes on vital supply lines, take on secret operations, carpet bomb enemies… even dog-fighting is now supersonic!


Finally, we added the ability to take on the role of door gunner for your UH-1 Huey – switch from the pilot seat to the side-mounted MG and support your deployed troops by showering the enemy with hot lead and frag grenades!


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