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DUST 514 ‘Uprising’ release brings Skill System upgrade

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With the help of our players, we at CCP have learned a great deal throughout the last year of DUST 514′s beta period, especially with regard to the system at the core of your character’s advancement and progression: the skill system. Most importantly, we’ve gained an understanding of how you are using the items to advance through the game. This is all thanks to the terrific amount of player feedback we’ve received during the beta period.

As we started work on re-aligning the progression tree for the new Uprising build of DUST 514, set for release on 6th May, we realised that trying to map the new skills, bonuses and requirements to your existing items was not only complicated on the technical side, but also likely unfair to you. You may have committed to a certain play style, and with an overhauled layout and collection of skills, you may find yourself regretting some of your prior choices.

We have thus decided that it is far better to re-spec not only the skills but items as well. In short, you will get your skill points (SP) back and the ISK and AUR (in-game currencies) value of any item that is removed from your inventory. Below are more details on how this works.

Simpler. Deeper. More powerful.
First, we have removed the secondary and tertiary requirement from all skills. This means that while skills may have multiple parent skills in a linear succession, they will not have multiple direct prerequisite skills.


We are also introducing a brand new node-based view of the skill tree, and you are able to upgrade a skill multiple levels at a time provided you have the skill points to do so. This is a major improvement from the old list approach. We are retaining the list view in another section of the menu, for the nostalgia and for those that simply like lists (you know who you are).

How will it work?
When the upcoming Uprising build is released on 6th May, your character(s) will be reimbursed all the skill points that they have earned and used to date, for redistribution under the new schema.

Note that this re-spec only applies to your current skills, and items that you have in your inventory. The refund value of ISK and AUR items will be based on the market value at the time of the re-spec.


Details on the specifics of what the changes will be covered in a separate dev blog (coming soon) and will contain a list of changes expected, as well as additional info about the revamped tech tree and a full list of in-game items for the Uprising update.

More to come…
Along with the skill tree layout changes, we are constantly balancing items based on your feedback and our own findings from our captures and databases. You will notice that some items have changed attributes, including removal or change in color schemes of certain drop-suits and other items.

In addition to this skill system evolution, the Uprising release will bring many more upgrades, advances and balances. In short, you can expect a lot more new content to play with. We are very excited and proud of the Uprising release and we couldn’t have done it without our dedicated beta testers. With all the improvements and new things coming with our next release, there is no better time than now to join DUST 514 and experience the immersive world of New Eden.


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