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Weekend Debate: What makes a great horror game?

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Hands up if you caught the reveal trailer this week for The Evil Within, the new project from Resident Evil creator and all-round survival horror guru Shinji Mikami? If not, do so now (providing you’ve got a strong stomach – it’s quite a sight). There doesn’t appear to be much in the way of gameplay in the clip, but the short video really nails the sense of gruesome dread that the early Silent Hill titles were famous for.

Take a look, and then come back here and tell me what you think makes a truly great horror game experience. Vicious jump-scares, a la Dead Space? Dense eerie atmosphere, as seen in, say, Siren: Blood Curse? Straight-for-the-jugular blood-letting, of the Condemned or Manhunt type? Or is it all about tense, sweaty-palmed gameplay, in the vein of Dark Souls?

This week’s five most interesting posts walk away with a copy of Guerrilla Games’ excellent Killzone HD on Blu-ray. Good luck!


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