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It’s almost time for E3!

We’ve got a pretty crazy sale happening on lots of different games bundled with all their DLC right now, so if you missed out on any of them you should probably check it out. MMO players will want to read up on the upcoming release of Final Fantasy XIV on PS3, and open world gaming fans should take a gander at these limited edition details for Grand Theft Auto V.

Gus from Breaking Bad narrated a moody new Destiny trailer, we dove deeper into Vlambeer’s Luftrausers, the most thought-provoking and artistic urine-based game this year has finally been released, and there’s a killer deal on some tables for The Pinball Arcade, for all your pinball wizards out there.

Off-topic: Can we talk about how good Daft Punk and Anamanaguchi‘s new albums are? I’ve just been flipping back and forth between the two since they came out — I don’t think I’m going to listen to anything else for the foreseeable future. What are you guys listening to lately?

Oh, and as always: what are you playing over the long weekend?

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