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New content for Pottermore at PlayStation Home today

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Гость PlayStation®

You’ve walked the cobbled streets of Diagon Alley, herded hundreds of books and started your collection of Pottermore Trading Cards. You’ve boarded the Hogwarts Express, duelled your friends and tested yourself with a Pottermore quiz. The question is, what’s next..?

When we launched Pottermore at PlayStation Home last month, we promised you that there was more to come and, true to our word, now there is!

Welcome to Hogwarts!


“There’s nothing hidden in your head [t]he Sorting Hat can’t see….”

If you’re daring and brave at heart, perhaps Gryffindor is your house; or your loyalty and hard-working nature might mean that you belong in Hufflepuff; those of ready mind may be sorted into Ravenclaw; and if you’ll use any means to achieve your ends, maybe Slytherin is for you? Link to Pottermore.com to find out which house you truly belong to, then visit the Great Hall in Pottermore at PlayStation Home to view your Sorting Ceremony beneath the enchanted ceiling and floating candles.

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Изображение Изображение

Once you’ve been sorted into a Hogwarts house, you’ll have access to your house common room. Meet fellow Slytherins in the long, low room beneath the murky lake. Mingle with like-minded Ravenclaws in the airy surrounds of Ravenclaw Tower. Relax with friends by the fireplace in the inviting Gryffindor Tower. Or chat with fellow Hufflepuffs in the subterranean common room.


Test your skills in our exciting new Charms game! Levitate a feather and guide it through maze after maze of enchanted obstacles. Beat the clock to receive maximum marks and earn Pottermore Trading Cards as a reward for playing.


End another magical day in Pottermore at PlayStation Home in the peace and quiet of your very own house in Hogsmeade. Select from our wide range of furniture items and decorate your very own wizarding abode in the style of your choosing.


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