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VidZone Update: Pharrell Williams, VIP Playlists, Martin Garrix and Passenger!


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  • Новостник

It’s the last blog of January and VidZone is the gift that keeps on giving with yet MORE fantastic music videos! Pharrell Williams is riding high as one of the most watched videos on the service right now, and we have two of 2013’s biggest break-out stars with the stellar videos that helped them earn that status.

Read on for more info and to find out what else is new this week!

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Artist Of The Week: Pharrell Williams

He exploded onto VidZone last week with his latest single ‘Happy’ and now Pharrell Williams is sitting on top of the Artist Of The Week pedestal. Check out the celebrated producer/singer/songwriter’s music videos, including his recent collaborations with Robin Thicke and Daft Punk now in his Featured Playlist.

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Featured Zone

VidZone not only has thousands of YOUR favorite music videos right at your fingertips, but also a whole heap of Exclusive hand-picked video playlists from some of the biggest artists around. Be sure to check out Imagine Dragons and OneRepublic’s playlists now and see who picked the likes of Nirvana – ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ or who favored Amy Winehouse – ‘Rehab’!

Other Featured Zone highlights include…

  • Grammy Awards Winners Playlist
  • Coachella 2014 TV
  • Calvin Harris – Artist Spotlight

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Dance Zone

VidZone is proud to bring users Martin Garrix and his global chart-topping hit ‘Animals’. The Dutch DJ may only be 17 yrs old but he has become a household name in the dance world and looks to stay that way throughout 2014. Check out the Must See Video now!

  • Martin Garrix – Must See Video
  • EDM TV
  • Avicii – VidZone Recommends

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Chill Zone

British folk singer Passenger (or Mike Rosenberg) may have started out life as a simple street performer on streets of Brighton in the UK, but he’s now a worldwide star with the break-out single ‘Let Her Go’. Watch the video now!

  • Passenger – Must See Video
  • Chilled RnB TV
  • John Mayer – Center Stage

Latest Videos

Check out our great selection this week…

  • Busta Rhymes – Thank You (Hip-Hop)
  • Krewella – Human (Dance)
  • Paramore – Daydreaming (Rock)
  • Jason Derulo – Talk Dirty (RnB)
  • Tyler Farr – Whiskey In My Water (Country)
  • James Vincent McMorrow – Red Dust (Alternative)
  • Austin Mahone – Banga! Banga! (Pop)

VidZone brings you a world of music videos tailored completely for you. Download it now for free from PlayStation Store for both PS3 and PS4. As always, keep in touch on

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. We read everything and love your comments, so don’t be shy! Got any requests for VidZone? Let us know!

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