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OlliOlli Update: Win a Custom Skateboard, Helmet and First Aid Kit


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So, we are two weeks since the launch of OlliOlli – the response has been AMAZING! Our tiny studio in New Cross, London, has been overwhelmed by the love that

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, but we’re mainly overwhelmed from the sheer Twitter love that the game has got in its first couple of weeks (you guys rule!).

As you may have read in our communications and on forums, there is a pesky bug that seems to crop up from time to time. We found out about this just as journos were doing their initial reviews, and the team has been working tirelessly to try to smash out a fix. It’s not an easy task, but we have help from our other Indie Vita friends and the splendid people at Sony – so fingers crossed we will have some news for you soon.

In other news, we have now had three people (that we know of) complete RAD mode, which is pretty special. Only half of the Roll7 team have achieved this, so it’s no mean feat! Maybe we need to make the game harder?

Anyway, you lovely people have now had a few days to get your hands around the controls, hopefully racking up some nice combos, so it’s time to put you to the test, skate comp style.

Next Thursday, February 13th, the Daily Grind Spot will be the Base Amateur 5 Spot. So, if you have unlocked it, get practicing! If not – crack on with career mode until you can access it (then rinse and repeat!).

The Daily Grind ends at the following times…

Friday 3:00 AM for GMT Europe
Thursday 10:00 PM for EST Eastern US
Thursday 7:00 PM for PST Western US

King of the Daily Grind for the day will win a custom OlliOlli skateboard, helmet and first aid kit, as modeled by the lovely Shahid Ahmad and Spencer Lowe from Sony below.

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For those who don’t quite become King, please send a picture of your score on Twitter, tag it #OlliOlli and

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. Our Lead Programmer Nikos will do a blindfolded run, and whoever posts the score closest to his will also get a helmet, T-shirt and first aid kit.

Everyone is in with a chance to win! Just remember to keep your calm and nail that perfect landing. Good luck peeps! May the score be with you…

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