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Creatures and Castles Launches on PlayStation Mobile This Week


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Creatures and Castles is our third game on the PlayStation Mobile platform and we hope that you’ve had the chance to try out Zen Accumulator and/or Chromatic Aberration. Creatures and Castles has appeared on other platforms, and was completely different from what you can see now on PlayStation Mobile. We took out the old system that asked you to draw your path beforehand and then attempt to complete the full maze in a single go. Now you are in control and have to navigate through each level. You’ll race against the Grim Reaper himself (who would like nothing better than to send you to the underworld) through two sets of sixty-four levels collecting as much treasure as possible, while avoiding the axes and fireballs of the castle’s inhabitants.

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Converting the original game to the PlayStation Mobile platform was a blast. We managed to get a large part of the game working in just over a weekend. It was great seeing the game spring to life after we changed an entire web of interlocking classes’ variable types and underlying method calls. After getting the original game working on the PS Vita, we set to work adding in the dark castle levels and changing the mechanics of the game to fit in the new direction we wanted to take. After adding a treasure collecting element, we began reworking all of the other medieval levels to include treasure. We then tailored the levels to compliment the new control scheme. Finally, we proceeded to create all sixty-four levels, and implemented PSN leaderboard support. We hope that you enjoy playing this game as much as we did making it.

Here are some gameplay tips to help you become an experienced castle raider:

    [*]Once a heart is lost and a level is completed, it is gone forever. [*]If you lose a level by touching an enemy, you restart that level with the same number of hearts as you started with. [*]Potions don’t affect either the shades or the dark knights, they still work on their projectiles though. [*]Completing a level with time left gives a bonus of a small amount of gold, however it is rarely worth forsaking collecting treasure to gain the time bonus. [*]Zombies can be used to activate or deactivate obelisks if they can be lured onto its corresponding button. [*]To get three stars on a level you must collect every bit of treasure, time bonus is not included in the calculation.http://feeds.feedburner.com/~r/PSBlog/~4/IMm-hptkLdw

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