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Strider on PS4, PS3: Old-school Action, New-school Exploration


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Hello fellow PlayStation fans! It’s a pleasure to be here. My name is James Vance, and I’m the Capcom Japan producer on

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. For those of you who are new to the Strider universe, please allow me to give you a quick rundown of just how awesome it is. For those of you who already know, take a moment to revel in your superior gaming knowledge, and stick around to learn what surprises the all-new Strider has in store.

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Originally introduced in 1989, Strider was a seminal Capcom game starring Special-A class, indestructible cypher sword swinging, climb on virtually anything, all around coolest video game character ever, Strider Hiryu. Strider took the gaming world by storm with its ultra-fast and responsive controls, first of its kind dynamic traversal, crazy boss characters and amazingly detailed and unique graphics that were truly in a league of their own. The fast and frenetic arcade tradition continued some ten years later in Strider 2, but many of the younger Marvel vs. Capcom players may know Strider Hiryu best as one of the series’ most respected fighters.

Fast-forward to now! Strider Hiryu is back in his very own adventure, and is bringing the lightning-fast, ultra-responsive and relentless side-scrolling action of his arcade pedigree to a massive, non-linear game world. Core cypher combat, acrobatic climbing and traversal mechanics are a gateway to exploration, where an arsenal of hidden abilities, power-ups and items unlock deeper combat and traversal options, as well as paths to other areas of the game world. Whether freezing an enemy in place with the Ultra-Cold plasma cypher, then instantly blowing them to pieces with the Explosive Plasma Kunai, or bursting through an enemy and into an unexplored area with a mid-air Plasma Catapult burst, every split-second action and elegant combo is yours to command.

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An army of minions and a legion of twisted, insane and often immense boss characters stand between you and your mission to eliminate Grand Master Meio. Whether you accomplish your mission all depends on how far you push your combat skills, and how far they can carry you into the depths of the world to unlock its secrets.

In addition to the robust story mode, Strider arrives with a truck-load of unlockable concept art, character and location intel, costumes, character customization, a Platinum Trophy, additional Challenge Modes and worldwide score and speed-run leaderboards, which is more than enough reason to keep you coming back for more. PS4 owners can also look forward to a visual feast in native 1080P, and silky smooth gameplay at 60FPS. The intuitive game controls and vibrant visuals are also a perfect fit for PS Vita Remote Play.

Please downhill run, star jump or slide to your PS3 or PS4 to download the demo, or slice right into the full game for just $14.99 starting today!

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