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8 PlayStation stories you might have missed this week


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1. Incredible new Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End gameplay footage unveiled

Thought the E3 demo looked great? Well, wait until you see what happens after that set piece left off. Hold onto your socks…

2. New rolling PlayStation Store sale kicks off

A new set of PlayStation Store deals debuted this week with a focus on digital-only titles. My personal picks? Check out

This is the hidden content, please
perennially brilliant
This is the hidden content, please
, charming RPG
This is the hidden content, please
and unputdownable roguelike,
This is the hidden content, please
. Oh, and look out for new discounts joining the promotion on Wednesday.

3. Rocket League heads up July’s PlayStation Plus line-up

Insane football/racing mash-up Rocket League is among the shining lights from your next batch of PS Plus titles. Look out also for breathless shoot ’em up sequel

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, acclaimed PS3 adventure
This is the hidden content, please
and elegant Cross Play experience
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4. Cook Serve Delicious! 2!! serves up some tasty gameplay on PS4

It might sound absurd, but CSD2 is built on some tantalising foundations – the original offered moreish, addictive gameplay with a real sense of fun. Expect great things from the impending follow-up.

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5. New Horizon Zero Dawn video throws up new details on Guerrilla’s PS4 exclusive

We sat down with the game’s Senior Producer Mark Norris this week to pick through the epic E3 2015 reveal and find out a little more about what’s in store.

6. Sackboy arrives in Minecraft!

A very welcome new Minecraft DLC pack landed this week, bringing LittleBigPlanet mainstays Sackboy, Sackgirl, OddSock, Toggle, Swoop and the gang into Mojang’s world-building behemoth.

7. The music of Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture

We headed behind the scenes at developer

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to find out how the team is creating the magnificently mysterious score for its upcoming PS4 exclusive,
This is the hidden content, please

8. Surreal action puzzler Soft Body announced for PS4 and PS Vita

Up for something a little bit different? Then add

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to your wishlist. Zeke Virant’s curious creation promises to combine the “twitchy fun of quick-restart action games with a smooth, meditative aesthetic”.

The post

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appeared first on
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