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8 PlayStation stories you might have missed this week


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1. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter brings classy mystery to PS4

This week saw the much-anticipated arrival of The Astronauts’ handsome mystery adventure on PlayStation Store. Get familiar with it – it’s one of the finest pieces of interactive entertainment you’ll play this year.

2. Minimalist platformer N++ pins down a release date

The sequel to the impossibly moreish N+ launches on 29th July, boasting a staggering 2,360 levels – and that’s before you factor in user-generated stages.

3. Big savings on all things Call of Duty

Got a few gaps in your Call of Duty collection? We’ve got you covered. This week saw a huge array of COD titles and associated DLC expansions have their prices slashed on PlayStation Store. Get involved.

4. Broken Age, OlliOlli 2 and Transistor also discounted

Call of Duty not your thing? After something a little more esoteric? Well, PlayStation Store also saw new deals on a wealth of best-in-class independent titles. Have a rifle through the full list of discounts – there’s something for everyone in there.

5. Kratos makes a welcome return in God of War 3 Remastered

Santa Monica Studios iconic anti-hero returned to the fray this week and, boy, was it good to get back in the saddle – GoW3 feels every bit as crunchy as it did back in 2009.

6. Goat Simulator head-butts its way onto PS4

The team at Double Eleven confirmed a welcome PS4 release for the off-the-wall YouTuber favourite. Look out for it on 11th August.

7. Never Alone’s spellbinding story continues in new expansion

The charming Alaska-set adventure won hearts when it landed on PS4 earlier this year, and it was good to hear the talented development team isn’t done with the game yet. Foxtales, available later this year, will add new mechanics, new puzzles and new environments.

8. First hands-on with Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection

We got an early look at how Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is faring in its transition from PS3 to PS4 ahead of launch alter this year. TL;DR – really rather well…

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