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PlayStation Music update: Game developer’ picks, PayPal support, more


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It’s been three months since we launched our brand new music category on the network, bringing you the best-in-class music service to the world’s favourite games console. With Spotify available on PlayStation Music on your PlayStation 4, you can seamlessly listen to your chosen tracks in the background whilst playing your favourite game.

Simply download the app, sign in and click ‘Upgrade’ in the Spotify app to claim your one month free trial of the Premium service. Sign up on console via your PSN wallet for easy billing.

Once upgraded, take the music with you on your mobile and download your favourite songs to listen to offline.

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Use Spotify Connect on your mobile

With Spotify Connect you can even control your music without needing to pause or break your gameplay by using your mobile, tablet or computer in conjunction with the app on PlayStation.

To use Spotify Connect to control music on your PS4 via make sure both devices are on the same WiFi and logged into the same Spotify account on the newest version of the app. Having problems? You can find more help on how to use Spotify Connect from different devices here.

Game developers coming to PlayStation Music. What would you ask?

In the second half of 2015, the PS Music team are asking some of the world’s finest game developers about their taste in music. What’s their favourite game soundtrack? What do they listen to whilst gaming, and what would they choose to soundtrack the game they helped developer? Let us know who you would ask and what question, and we’ll update the blog in the coming months, and hopefully some exclusive content on the service.

PayPal coming soon…

From 17th August, PayPal will be available for all subscriptions to Spotify on PlayStation Music across Europe. Stay tuned for more updates coming soon.

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New releases

Here is a selection of the biggest releases recently on Spotify on PlayStation Music. Turn down your in-game music, fire up the application, and listen to the latest hits and a back catalogue of 30 million songs.

Single of the Week:

Calvin Harris + Disciples, How Deep Is Your Love

Albums of the Month:

  • Years & Years – Communion
  • Miguel – Wildheart
  • Leon Bridges – Coming Home
  • Major Lazer – Peace is the Mission
  • A$AP Rocky – At. Long. Last. A$AP
  • Muse – Drones
  • K.I.Z. – Hurra die Welt geht unter
  • Tyga – The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty
  • Jamie XX – In Colour

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