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A note from Harmonix to European Rock Band fans


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Hey gang. Since launch we’ve been diligently keeping tabs on all the discussions going on here, as well as on other sites and social media. It’s clear that amongst our European Rock Band community there have been some frustrations. “Where’s all my DLC?” “Why’s my DLC broken?” “I want to buy this game but can’t find it at my local store! What’s going on?” “Why doesn’t

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care about its European fans?”

First off, thanks for sticking with us as we work through post-launch to address the issues you are reporting. We acknowledge that things haven’t been perfect. But I assure you we do care, very deeply, we are always listening, and we’re working through resolving everything.

Where are we with broken and missing DLC catalogue tracks on PlayStation Store in the SCEE region?

  • There are currently 431 songs with issues on PlayStation Store in the SCEE region.
  • We expected we’d be able to say “it’s fixed” a lot sooner than it has turned out to be.
  • While we’ve made progress on the North American (SCEA) side, we appreciate it may have been frustrating for players to see less movement on the SCEE side and this is due to slightly different technical processes across the stores.
  • Our DLC producers have been working very closely with their counterparts at SCEE all along to identify and solve problems in the submission and entitlement process as they come up.
  • The SCEE folks have outlined a solution which will resolve the lion’s share of marketplace issues in one bulk update. For some more in depth information, the development work behind the scenes to ensure that our existing PS3 content is transferred across to PS4 is significant and there are many variables that need to be checked and built into the development cycle.
  • SCEE is already well underway with the process and targeting early December for release for the content to be updated in the Store.
  • We’ll communicate any further information as it comes up
  • As always, please continue to report any issues you come across with specific tracks as you find them!

We also have seen feedback from European customers that they’ve had a hard time finding

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in their local retailers.

  • While you can readily download the game digitally from PlayStation Store, we’ve had limited quantities of hardware bundles available worldwide.
  • While we’ll continue to have limited stock through the year’s end, we’ll see more flowing into retailers in 2016 to respond to the demand we’ve seen.
  • Meanwhile, guitar bundles and Band in a Box bundles are IN STOCK at these retailers:
    • GAME UK
    • Amazon UK
    • Argos UK
    • Amazon DE
    • Гейстоп Germany
    • Гейстоп Nordics
    • Micromania France
    • FNAC France

We’ve always valued our European fans, and will continue to do so by showing up at events like Gamescom, Eurogamer Expo and Paris Games Week, which Rock Band 4 has attended in 2015. We hope to see you at the next one!

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