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Xing: The Land Beyond Coming to PlayStation VR


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Xing: The Land Beyond is the PlayStation VR game that will make you never* want to take off your headset.**

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Xing: The Land Beyond in Virtual Reality

In our previous PlayStation.Blog post, we outlined how

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is a go-at-your-own-pace puzzle-adventure game. This play style works great in VR, as you can really take your time to soak everything in.

We are always designing with VR in mind: from the way players interact with objects, to the scale and atmosphere of each level, to the overall menu construction. Each of the puzzles is thoughtfully integrated into the environment surrounding it, which helps to make everything flow nicely together.

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Why did we choose to support PlayStation VR?

Our trip to PlayStation Experience last year proved to us that Xing has a home on PlayStation, and it’s nice to know that supporting PlayStation VR will let players experience something new within an environment they love.

Our team is having a great time developing for PSVR, and is continually amazed at the potential VR brings to video games. Plus, the PlayStation VR headset is very comfortable to wear and looks totally rad. We are mainly excited that it will allow more people to be able to experience Xing in VR, and explore the detailed and vibrant world we have created in a whole new way.

PlayStation Move

Speaking of a whole new way — we are also excited to announce PlayStation Move controller support in conjunction with PSVR! In addition to natural object interaction and throwing mechanics, we’ve implemented the use of these versatile motion controllers to move around the game. Either way, you will have the option of using a DualShock 4 or using Move controllers — whichever you prefer!

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Our priority is, and has always been, to create a magical and entertaining experience. With PSVR and Move support, we hope to give players who are interested in the cutting edge a fantastic new way to play.

Thanks for reading and please feel free to leave us any comments or questions you have about the development of Xing: The Land Beyond and PlayStation VR.

*You will actually need to take off your headset.
**No seriously, you will have to go back and face reality eventually.


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