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8 PlayStation stories you might have missed this week


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Another week comes to a close here at PlayStation, with the last seven days bearing witness to a fistful of exciting headlines and new releases. Read on below to get the full scoop on all the stories that mattered.

1. Dark Souls III is out now on PS4 – watch the launch trailer

Get your hands on the most recent release in the Darks Souls series. Steel yourself and come prepared to face the toughest and most diverse array of enemies yet from the cruel minds at From Software.

2. Introducing the PlayStation Gear Uncharted 4 range

From action figures to T-shirt, we’ve got exactly what you need to scratch that Uncharted itch as you wait for the release of Nathan Drake’s upcoming PS4 outing.

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3. Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked sails onto PS4 this spring

See what happens when Super Time Force developer Capybara Games takes the helm of this new Don’t Starve expansion. Here’s a hint: don’t forget your life jacket…

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4. Meet Alienation’s three unique character classes in brand new trailer

Get to know all the ins and outs of the three different soldier classes that you’ll be using in Alienation to save the world from total destruction.

5. Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness hits PS4 & PS Vita this September

Find out more about the fan-favourite dystopian sci-fi interactive adventure game based on the critically praised anime series Psycho-Pass.

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6. Shadwen announced for PS4, from the team behind Trine

See the world through the eyes of an assassin, Shadwen, as she sets out to dispatch a malevolent monarch in the new stealth game from Frozenbyte.

7. Action RPG Stories: The Path of Destinies out now on PS4

Join the action in this fast-paced action RPG where your decisions decide the fate of our hero.

8. Severed, from the team behind Guacamelee, hits PS Vita this month

Play as the warrior Sasha as she sets of to find the missing members of her family in DrinkBox Studios’ colourful touch-screen controlled dungeon crawler.

And everything else you might have missed this week…

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