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New trailer shows PS4 RPG The Technomancer in action


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Hi everyone, I’m Jeanne Rousseau, CEO and Creative Director at

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here in Paris. I am really excited to share with you an in-depth look at our biggest and most expansive RPG yet, The Technomancer.

You’ll meet Zachariah, a rookie Technomancer from Abundance, one of the powerful corporations on the red planet. Technomancers are formidable warriors harnessing destructive electrical powers channeled through their implants.

Your journey starts at Ophir, capital of Abundance, erected from the remains of the first human settlements in the Ophir Chasma. Picking from three combat stances, you’ll be able to specialise your style of play, making use of the Technomancer’s special electrical abilities to buff yourself or actively attack the many monsters roaming the red planet.

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Mars is a dangerous place, with deadly threats lurking at every corner. Whether you’re facing the underworld mobs in the slums of Ophir, the ASC soldiers hunting you, the Technomancers from rival corporation Aurora, or the many mutated hybrid creatures roaming the canyons of Mars, you’ll have to think and fight tactically if you don’t want to be outmatched.

  • The combat with the staff is based on mobility and damage using sweeping and effective blows against groups comprising several enemies.
  • Fighting with Blade and gun requires agility, dodging and controlling the pace of combat with the nail-gun.
  • Finally, the Blade and shield combat style focuses on defence, blocking and parrying to inflict heavy damage in response to an attack.

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Of course, your Technomancer talents can be combined to your combat style: electrify your weapon to boost the damage, or create an electricity shield to boost your defense… it’s also important to consider changing stances in the middle of a fight to gain a certain advantage!

Visit cities scattered throughout Mars, and learn of new cultures separated from Earth for many years. We’re excited for you to explore our vision of the red planet as inhabited by humans, corporations, and the weird and wonderful genetically modified monsters throughout the planet on 21st June.

And if you want more info about the game, don’t hesitate to visit the

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or the
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