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10 PlayStation stories you might have missed this week


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Another week fades into the rearview, and it was seven days crammed with big new announcements. Read on below to catch up on any news that might have snuck by.

1. How Hello Games’ artists conceived No Man’s Sky infinite universe

Go behind the scenes with the No Man’s Sky team and see where they got their inspiration for the sci-fi epic’s extraordinary visuals.

2. Introducing Pyre, the new PS4 game from the creators of Transistor and Bastion

Lead a band of exiles on their journey home, released from a mystical purgatory, in the latest adventure from Supergiant Games.

3. New Shadow Of The Beast footage takes a closer look at combat

Delve deeper into the mechanics of the rebooted side-scroller and check out some brand new gameplay footage.

4. Much-loved side-scroller Shadow Complex Remastered debuts on PS4 next month

Blast your way through Epic Games’ acclaimed tribute to Super Metroid. Get lost in the beautifully remastered 10+ hour campaign as you strive to become the ultimate Shadow Complex master.

5. Guile joins Street Fighter V this month & anti-rage quit system implemented

Prepare to welcome back Guile, one of the original World Warriors from Street Fighter 2, in the new SFV update due later this month.

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6. This week’s PlayStation Store discounts: Black Ops III, Mad Max, Life is Strange, more

Check out our Spring Savings Sale and Digital Discounts promotion – grab up to 50% off some of our favourite recent releases.

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7. New video showcases Alienation’s glorious explosions

Find out how Alienation’s “metagame” works and catch a glimpse of just how gorgeous the destruction is in Housemarque’s upcoming action title.

8. Dinosaur combat phenomenon ARK: Survival of the Fittest is coming to PS4

Grab your friends and get in on the action in the massive Multiplayer Online Survival Arena game, ARK: Survival of the Fittest. See if you have the wits and the cunning to come out on top as the last tribe standing.

9. Ratchet & Clank is back with a bang today on PS4

Step back into the shoes of one of the most beloved duos in PlayStation history in Insomniac Games’ celebrated reboot of its PS2 classic.

10. Acclaimed procedural stealth adventure Invisible, Inc. hits PS4

Pick up Invisible, Inc. today and get lost in the world of super spies and ultimate stealth in the brand new title from the team behind Don’t Starve.

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And everything else you might have missed this week…


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