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Classic Japanese shooter Assault Suit Leynos targets July release


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We announced Assault Suit Leynos for PS4 only a few short months ago, and since then there has been a real surge in excitement from fans of the classic series, known originally as Target Earth.

The game received a staggering showing at PAX East in the U.S. and also at London’s ComicCon. Illustrated by the community reaction, Leynos is clearly much-loved and fondly remembered by fans of the 16-bit classic, and that’s why we can’t wait to bring this blistering high-definition remake to PS4 with enhanced visuals and entirely new gameplay features.

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Our developer partner Dracue, which is based out of Japan, is handling the respectful and faithful coding duties (so that’s why you’re stuck with me, a

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publishing person, for this blog post as the Dracue team will be taking a well-earned rest and vacation after such intense and dedicated development period).

Check out our reveal video below that showcases many of the awesome elements of Assault Suit Leynos:

You’ll see we’ve not dialed down or diluted the series’ (in)famous level of challenge. This is a game that is tough, but fair — rewarding precision and skill, in an age of infinite handholding and forgiveness, it’s something we’re proud to shout about, the hardcore nature of this game. The newly remixed Arcade mode offers extended levels, full voice-acted cutscenes and recalibrated AI enemies. For those who enjoy a real old-school experience, Classic mode challenges you to battle like it’s 1990 with authentic gameplay, effects, and music.

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For newcomers the game provides a rewarding learning curve. With patience and proficiency, you’ll begin to make headway into the game in no time, discovering your favorite weapon loadouts to choose for the mission, and enjoying the game’s climactic set pieces and anime sci-fi story. There’s also the opportunity to apply various gameplay modifiers to customise your experience the way you want it.

As a team made up of fairly core gamers, here at

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we’re honoured to bring this classic from our childhoods (okay, maybe just a couple of us older ones’ childhoods…) to a new generation of console and a new community of gamers. Assault Suit Leynos is available digitally on 12th July.

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