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The PlayStation weekly wrap-up


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With another week drawing to a close, it’s time to bring all our gaming goodness into an easily digestible, yet tasty cake for you to chomp into. Take a look at the biggest slices to tickle your PlayStation taste buds.

This week’s biggest new trailers

  • No Man’s Sky | Pillar Trailer 1 – Explore
    Excited for Hello Games imminent space bound epic? You’re in good company – why not bide the time with the first in a series of four trailers.

  • Uncharted 4 | Bringing Dance Taunts to Life
    Professional choreographers Matt Steffanina and Dana Alexa show us how the Dab, the Robot and other hilarious dance moves shuffled their way into
    This is the hidden content, please
    ‘s multiplayer.

  • Overwatch | Introducing Ana
    Blizzard’s multiplayer opus is one of the biggest hits of this year – and it’s about to get another hero to add to its wonderfully designed roster. Meet Ana, the lost agent.

Tweets of the week:

Around the world of PlayStation:

  • When gaming luminaries Hideo Kojima and Mark Cerny have a chat about the future of games, it’s time to sit down and listen. Which is exactly what an audience did at this month’s Develop: Brighton 2016 conference, when the Metal Gear Solid creator was interviewed by the PS4’s lead architect. You can earwig too, right here:
  • And more Kojima-san fun – on Kojima Productions’ YouTube channel HideoTube, the developer revealed some of the lengths he went to, to keep Death Stranding’s announcement at E3 2016 a secret:

This week’s PlayStation Store ‘leftfield’ pick:

Right. Now, we know that some of you have yet to play any of Drinkbox’s rather fabulous games. No, no, you can come out from the corner now, because you have the perfect chance to redeem yourself.

This is the hidden content, please
features Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack, Guacamelee! and Severed – all top drawer and each scratching an entirely different type of gaming itch. So, please catch up and let’s never speak of this terrible felony again. Shhh… no tears, only
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dreams now.

The pick of PlayStation Blog:

  • Everything you need to know about ADR1FT, out tomorrow on PS4
    Adam Orth’s first-person experience is making waves – here’s why you should be giving it a blast.
  • How Yooka-Laylee is updating the ’90s-style 3D platformer for the PS4 generation
    Fancy a retro platformer brought bang up to date? Playtonic’s singing a tune which you may like the sound of.

And the rest of the headlines:

What we’re currently playing:

  • Rhys: “I’ve fallen into a good system lately; Hitman for the long, lazy gaming evenings, Uncharted 4 when I need some excitement, then
    This is the hidden content, please
    This is the hidden content, please
    for a quicker blast at lunchtimes. I really need to actually finish some games though…”
  • Matt: “With my TV on the fritz I’ve returned to my old friend the PS Vita and finally got around to giving Grim Fandango Remastered a go – turns out I remember almost nothing of my original playthrough…”
  • Fred – “I’ve been tinkering around some more in
    This is the hidden content, please
    . It’s been a good few years since the original, but it still feels unique – and, in its best missions, exhilarating.”
  • Corey – “With another long transatlantic flight ahead, I’ve turned back to
    This is the hidden content, please
    , now with
    This is the hidden content, please
    expansion in tow. But lo, is that the siren song of
    This is the hidden content, please
    I also hear…?”

Tell us what you’re playing below, have a great weekend and see you on Monday.

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